Instructions for Maintenance and Care

Comfort seems to start with heat and air in the home provided by units installed with instructions for maintenance and care.

Pray in conversation with the designer for insight on satisfying results.

Read scripture containing reports on all aspects of personal equipment.

Meditate to lubricate, inflate or release the system’s  pressures.

Warriors of Light know space must be filled with Love and purpose for Comfort. Keeping the ducts clean allows His strength to shine and reassure.

Watch and Listen for Insight and Direction

Look around. You are exactly where you need to be to learn what you need to learn. When finished, you will move forward.

Be willing. Let your soul be touched and your heart educated.

Pray for insight and direction. Then watch and listen.

Read scripture. Sometimes it speaks to you.

Meditate as a part of your day. Think yourself too busy ? Think yourself otherwise.

Warriors of Light look high to get the big picture. They value the weight of their load.

Smiles Make Everything Better

It is free ! It requires no special education or talent. It will light the room, make people comfortable, provide motivation and improve working conditions.

It belongs to you and can be used at anytime, in any place. People react, usually right away.

So smile and enjoy the day !

Pray. It is your privilege. You need not wait in line.

Read scripture, get valuable insight.

Meditate. This can be done with only a pause.

Warriors of Light know their smile shows the better side of any situation. Aimed carefully it will melt even the  “yeah, but”.

Moderation in All Things

In 1493, Swiss doctor, Paracelsus, proposed…

“The poison is in the dose.”

If we overindulge, even water can be toxic.

Relationships and sunshine can become toxic.

This truth was the essential theme of works by Greek poet, Hesiod, 700 bc.  Put gently he suggested “ Moderation in all things.”

Pray for insight and accept guidance.

Read scripture. The measure of truth was weighed before it became scripture.

Meditate as a daily ritual. Let the stillness bathe your mind.

Warriors of Light stay in the moment, drop their hidden agenda and realize than all experiences benefit their growth.