See the Beauty of the Day Started with a Sunrise

See the beauty of the day started with a sunrise !  Each moment holds a lesson with The Tutor just a prayer away.

Nothing is too difficult for Him or us while holding His hand.

Pray as in discussion. If disgruntled, let Him know, get it out. The Peace will come, perhaps Peace by piece.

Read scripture as a map book, a Love note, a copy of a Will, a diary containing your secrets.

Meditate and inhale strength for your projects.

Warriors of Light know all problems to be of their own making mostly wrapped in self centered fear. Warriors know the relationship with Him enables relationships with others offering Life and…wait for it…Peace.

Trust God. Stop Worrying.

Clarity can be hidden but it is there ! Distracted by a stiff knee, an unexpected bill or a rude comment we start thinking. Stop !

Inhale deeply and expect the best. Trust God.

“Get out of His way that you may be in His will.”

He has got this ! Enjoy the ride !

Pray. Can’t see the way ? Take His hand.

Read scripture. Learn about your support system.

Meditate. Stop moving and worrying for a few breaths. You can do this almost anywhere.

Warriors of Light have learned.

“You can’t fall out of the middle of the bed.”