A Puzzle. a Solution

Yesterday it seemed so familiar, but today it seems a puzzle. I am sure that I hit the same button, but I don’t get the same results.

Perhaps it is not my place to be in charge. Stand back, take a breath, get a new angle. Or, get a good night’s sleep. Suddenly it works!

Pray to realize which are God’s chores and which are yours.

Read scripture for clarification. Read devotionals to make it an adventure.

Meditate. Can you see it happening? Use your imagination. See it happening. Your odds of success just doubled.

Warriors of Light are trained over time to realize success. At first they receive declaration of the mission. Often it is given a name. The warrior’s part is not to see the big picture but to follow orders in the plan.

There is great delight in being a “part of” rather than “apart from”.