Two Steps Forward

Progress in real life is not indicated by straight lines of improvement. Two steps forward, rest, two steps to the side or back is more usual. He knows our hearts and how long we tangled the web. He can understand our thinking and is pleased by the improvement.

Pray for Guidance and Direction.

Read scripture as a never ending source of inspiration.

Meditate daily. Listen to your breathing and watch it lift your Heart.

Warriors of Light know willingness to be the fertilizer of progress in spiritual growth. Willingness also greases the rough spots as the web of self centeredness is pulled away. Acceptance soothes the soul as it breathes through freshly cracked ego.

Gratitude is Your Friend

Gratitude is forceful. Gratitude irons out the one little wrinkle in today’s bed while reaching into the past to improve old relationships. Gratitude is your friend.

Pray and talk to the Guy in charge. Thank him. Look for His smile in your day.

Read scripture. Learn about the tools for improvement.

Meditate. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Repeat. Trust that this will improve your attitude.

Warriors of Light continually use gratitude and Praise as tools to sharpen their perspective.

Behold His power in your heart. It’s an inside job !

Choosing the Path of Foregiveness

None of us behave properly in every moment. Mercy and forgiveness are great blessings. When we forgive, we forsake deciding the punishment.

Pray to forgive others as you wish to be forgiven. Don’t forget to forgive yourself.

Read scripture. Sink its message into your soul. Let its direction set the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Meditate. Don’t believe everything you think. Hush your mind long enough to listen.

Warriors of Light improve with training. Continued training results in continued performance.