Be of Service, Find Purpose

Celebrate your life by being all that you can be!

Then realize that Humility leads to the highest point.

Get outside of self and think of others first, be of service, find purpose.

Pray and speak to The Source.

Read scripture and gain perspective.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing. Stop and just be for a few.

Warriors of Light maintain their Peace by sharing their piece. This marks their reality with Joy and brings Light to any situation. Don’t make light of it, keep it Light!

His Words are a Lamp Unto our Feet

The next step is ours to take, toward Light or dark. Even graded paths are easier in the Light. His Words are a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path. Pride and ego lead us through briars while Humility offers us a grassy way.

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture to illuminate movements.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light find that  Humility dampens the critical spirit and the sharp tongue. Humility employs great care and appreciation. Humility offers the winning hand to all in His service.

Look up and follow His Light

So quickly the mind will pick a theme of discontent and follow a trail adding evidence to rationalize. Keep the mind on the Goodness He offers and seek Humility rather than justice. Offer Praise rather than licking wounds and gain Spiritual growth which serves forever.

Pray earnestly without a scorecard. Pray for the needs of others and gain “extra credit” for your lessons.

Read scripture and find pleasure in dying to the needs of self.

Meditate and relax in the paradox of surrender for victory.

Warriors of Light sometimes lose their way but their training teaches to look up and follow His Light. The willingness to seek His good returns more than our hearts desire.

He Renews the Strength of Eagles

Claim your peace of mind and serenity simply by stepping into His shadow. He renews the strength of eagles, cares for the sparrow and welcomes your company. You will find no room for your resentments, worries or self centered fears, He will help you release them.

Pray and speak to The Man in charge with Humility and a tone of voice that you would find appealing.

Read scripture, these are the short notes on the war going on in your heart.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing. Allow your designed system to flourish as designed.

Warriors of Light win the battle with His help inside themselves. It is easier done while helping others outside of your family.

Make Your Whole Life a Prayerful Dance

Learning to perform is an achievement, learning to let your children  perform is an art, learning to trust God to perform is a blessing. Staying out of His way is the challenge.

Pray formally or comfortably, loudly or softly, make your whole life a prayerful dance.

Read scripture to stay on track. The mind will lie to itself.

Meditate daily and become a refreshed person.

Warriors of Light are trained to move swiftly and deftly toward the Light. Humility allows them to slow down, listen for His rhythm and be of service.

Humility and Integrity are More Valuable than Gold

Humility and integrity are more valuable than gold. Looking through their perspective enables one to see the real value in life, to add to it and be a part of it. Their perspective makes life an adventurous journey avoiding the self centered traps.

Pray to get out of self. Offer your attention to the One who can put it to Good use.

Read scripture. Open it in the light and gain Light.

Meditate by breathing deeply while trusting His hand to hold you.

Warriors of Light know the dangers of thinking alone. Helping others keeps them out of their own heads and quiets the worry committees.  Wearing the mantles of Integrity and Humility keeps them out of Egypt (the land of de-Nile ) and gains invitation to the paths of Spiritual Growth.

The Easy Path in Hindsight

All accounts are settled by Him but not all by Tuesday or all in October. Our time is not His time, but all time devoted to Him will come back magnified!

While walking His path, rejection is protection. What may seem painful today will look like the easy path in hindsight.

Pray because all conversation with Him is fruitful.

Read scripture for clues to gaining a humble heart.

Meditate on His Goodness and express Gratitude for what is in hand and what is but a dream.

Warriors of Light know that Humility is the winning hand. It brings acceptance and kindness into play. Humility inspires gratitude at every turn, even the sharp turns and turns with an uphill climb. The result is Joy.

Turn to Him as a First Resort not a Last Resort

Turn to Him as a first resort not a last resort. Save yourself from all the unnecessary mental torment by remembering the strength of Humility and Gratitude which offer you His protection.

Pray as it gives Him pleasure and us feedback.

Read scripture as it is His love note to you.

Meditate. Relax and know that He has charge of you and all your loved ones. They are His children, not ours.

Warriors of Light know they can restart their day at any time. They can receive instant forgiveness just by asking. When they offer their smile to others it lightens everyone’s day and returns magnified.

Relax While Letting Things Fall into Place

Even an accident or wrong decision can work to the good of those who place Him and His other children as a priority. He is Love bridled with strength and wisdom. There is no possibility of loss with Him on our side. His Mercy is everlasting.

Pray and converse with the one who Loves our dependence.

Read scripture to learn the attributes and power of Humility.

Meditate on the Goodness in Life and relax while letting things fall into place.

Warriors of Light know that sometimes they must stay out of His way to be in His will. Amazingly He is entirely capable of looking after His flock. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Write Your Concerns on a Bit of Paper and Put Them in a Bag

Worried ? Most worries never come to pass. Instead of worrying write your concerns on a bit of paper and put them in a lil bag or box. Allow Him to handle anything placed in the bag. At the end of each month open the bag and read old worries. Surprise ! Most worries never come to pass.

Pray instead of worrying. Then consider it handled.

Read scripture and claim words of Life and Peace as belonging to you.

Meditate and relax in the blessings already in your midst.

Warriors of Light know their only Power lies in the present. Their energy is best used in the same time and space as their breath. After completing one’s chores, Humility and reliance on Him are the best solutions.