Meditate As You Would Sit and Enjoy the Garden

Like a garden, life will produce from seeds of Hope and Love. Devotion will increase production and Integrity will keep the weeds from gaining ground. Prayer offers moisture to support Life systems and resist the heat. Fellowship fertilizes the Goodness and receives the sounds of Joy.

Pray with words, actions and breath.

Read scripture to feed the Spirit within.

Meditate as you would sit and enjoy the garden.

Warriors of Light know that there is always a new flush of weeds, some from our own workings and some from the wind. When first emerging they appear small and harmless. Our garden must be kept clean to flourish.

Accept Opportunities, Be Willing to Dance

Think what you like but you will receive what you are thinking.

Be open to all He has for you and you will receive all He has for you.

Thoughts and prayers have power.

Pray to hear and be all that you can be.

Read scripture and fill your mind with Hope and Peace. Dance with Hope and Peace.

Meditate. Relax with deep breathing. Relax in your life.

Warriors of Light arise willing to accept the opportunities, willing to dance. Many dances involve partners. We can learn not to step on their toes

The Burden of Pride

Go on about your business. You are welcome to create as many problems as you like. Stay independent and proud and the burdens will become heavier.

Or you can return to the horn of plenty offered you from above . Even the tiniest turn towards His way will start the shower of blessings and His pleasure.

Enjoy !

Pray. Offer noises of gratitude to quiet the sting of adversity.

Read scripture. Enjoy its perspective, make it yours.

Meditate. It’s quiet power will amaze you.

Warriors of Light enter each moment with shields of faith and the power of hope. These tools can be yours too ! For free !

Hope Can Lift the Soul

Hope is more powerful than hurricane force winds, a raging flood or a huge opposing army. Hope can lift the soul when there are no earthly answers.

Pray.  Put it out of your hands.

Read scripture, the sacred texts.

Meditate.  Pick a spot. Make it yours. Breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light know that a smile inspires hope.

Dancing Through the Raindrops

Concentrate on the good ! Feed the fire of hope and accomplishment !

Awaken as if there is a bucket of joy at the foot of your bed. It is most tasty when shared and will sour if kept. Spread the joy though the people in your day and watch waves of it return to you in the evening .

Pray. Talk to the best friend you have in your life.

Read scripture and learn more about the resources available.

Meditate. Stop the noise in your head by breathing deeply more than twice.

Warriors of Light are ordinary people who simply dance through the raindrops treasuring the growth and change that they bring.

He is With You

Feelings change and circumstances change. He never changes. He is love and truth and mercy. He is always there and He really cares for His children.

It may seem tragic and really difficult today but “All things work together for those who love God.”

Pray for acceptance of the situation today and hope for tomorrow.

Read scripture. Gain more understanding.

Meditate. Relax. Enjoy the privilege of being.

Warriors of Light recognize the signals. Sometimes movement of birds or the smell of bear. Sometimes the wind. They stand ready with the shield of faith, their loins girded with Truth.

Hope, Expectation and Joy

Hope, expectation and joy are not limited. They are forces with great power. They are not limited to Eve’s and births. Practice them today but carry them through life.

Pray for others. They need it and it will keep you happy.

Read scripture. Discover the sources of hope and joy.

Meditate. At least close your eyes for a few and inhale deeply.

Warriors of Light brighten the situation with their smile. It is contagious. “Keep your mind where your hands are and enjoy the day.”

The Way Out is Up

The winds and our own wiles may blow us north or south. We may go with love or logic or lust. Without purpose we are drawn east or west. We may go far or just a bit from the proper path. Which ever way we err or how deep we are in, the way out is still up.  Up is reachable from any direction at any time. If sinking, we but let go of our burdens and up we will float.

Pray and breathe in the taste of home.

Read scripture and devotionals. Find the truth for which we hunger.

Meditate. Realize the perspective is better from an elevated position.

Warriors of Light are stationed on the move. Their steps and their missteps offer lessons.

“The prudent man learns from his experience. The wise man learns from the experience of others.”

Safe Shelter in Times of Storm

Storms make clear the Power greater than oneself. Choose a position of shelter and hold on. The risk of changing positions is greater than the storm because usually stationary items become large bullets.

Best option is to “nestle under the wings of the Almighty.” He is a safe shelter in times of storm.

Pray works. Establish contact with a “very present Help in times of trouble.”

Read and learn the power of the word. A little mark on the page or a vehicle for great ideas ?

Meditate and realize where you are. Listen and see the way.

Warriors of Light know the value of being in formation and when necessary to break ranks.

Choose Your Direction

Your choice when you awaken. Grab onto the games you were playing yesterday or start anew. The discipline of reaching upward and out of yourself first offers the rewards of purpose and hope . Choose your direction ! As one in a boat , use tools for steering through the sweeping currents of life.

Pray . Talk to Him. Ask for help. Now your oars have some strength behind them.

Read the Word. Read devotionals. Say some from them aloud. Oops. You just became a messenger.

Meditate. Don’t think about the falls just get up again. Picture a rope. Grab it and arise !

Warriors of Light use the words from above as both a power source and a rudder.