Crown Yourself with Humility

Crown yourself with Humility and watch situations honor you. Grab a cloak of Gratitude to buffer the day’s chills. Bring a bucket of Mercy to share with your family and friends.

Pray to remember life as an adventure.

Read scripture to learn the hidden meanings.

Meditate and employ practiced relaxation.

Warriors of Light protect their lives from the stain of anger. They remember that all things work for the Good of those who love their Commander.

Be Willing to Learn

Be willing to learn. Regain that childlike interest and awe.

There is so much to be amazed by in other people’s gifts and tales, but keep your own truth !

If you have found Him, do not be moved ! Do not be moved by lust or fear to reach for a different answer. Loyalty and honor are action ready positions.

Pray. Feel free to discuss your beliefs and needs.

Read scripture and be reminded.

Meditate and breathe deeply. Feel the peace so readily available to us.

Warriors of Light are willing to follow or lead on the right path. The Sunshine of the Spirit is not hidden. It directs their kindnesses and exudes from their smiles.

Enjoy, Embrace and Honor

Enjoy and embrace the rituals which give honor to living together, working together and praying together.

The rewards of moving in a known direction are great. They are also made easier by the paths of those who passed before us.

Pray. We can always have a heart to heart, personal discussion with the Director. What a privilege !

Read scripture. Verify the basis and motivation for behaviors.

Meditate.  Relax with deep breaths. Relax.

Warriors of Light illuminate the joy of proper training. They know how to march together. Their cadence seems almost gleeful. They never seem interrupted by slowing or stopping to help the novice or the weak.

Finding the Source of Light

Imagine the joy of doing good things without being asked and doing the right things when no one is watching. Integrity is followed by self respect and honor. What a match !

Pray for guidance and direction. Watch the flow !

Read scripture. There is a lot of truth in there.

Meditate. Breathe deeply with closed eyes. Repeat. Inhale the beauty of your blessings .

Warriors of Light remain on guard but evil cannot stand the Light. Increase your strength by helping others find the Source of Light.

Do What You Say You Will

Our life is an adventure allowing us and encouraging us to be the best we can be.

“Don’t have a job which honors you ? Then honor the job.” This attitude and simply doing what you say you will do will put you amongst the 1% of people who can be trusted and…..people will trust you. This stance will bring unforeseen opportunities into your life.

You have many gifts. What you do with them is how you give !

Pray for guidance and it will come.

Read. His Word offers power and direction.

Meditate. Do not make this your main activity !

Warriors of Light know that God speaks through His Word and through other people. They choose their words and their friends carefully.

Do What You Say You Will

People who do what they say they will do are noticed. If they can’t make it, they call beforehand.  They become valuable assets to all projects and people. They have good relationships. They enjoy life.

They understand the value of their word.

Pray to remember , “there is a God and it’s not me”.

Read scripture to remind yourself of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.

Meditate. Stop moving. Just breathe, deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light show love and respect by following through. They gain honor by being trustworthy.