We Weave the Texture of Life with Thoughts and Actions

Moment by moment we weave the texture of life with thoughts and actions. We can pull from the long yarn which lies in the Light without snags and thread the loom evenly with Thanks and Praise.

Pray. Stay in touch with the Force that makes things new every morning.

Read scripture and proclaim authority over the snares of evil.

Meditate and relax. Breath deeply and rest in the rhythm of integrity.

Warriors of Light find rest and blessings within an honest weave. A rich texture shows in the robes and the posture of a confident prayer Warrior.

Buildings Which are Beautiful and Last Through Time

Buildings which are beautiful and last through time started on a Firm Foundation, were thoughtfully Designed and served a long lasting Purpose.

Pray to establish a Firm Foundation wherever you are standing.

Read scripture to plan the next wing and flight.

Meditate, take a few moments off from planning and fears.

Warriors of Light know most minds are junkyards of beliefs taken from family and experience. They stay in His Light, choose the serviceable parts, unleash the burdensome old pieces by honestly sharing and march to His tune while building the rest.

Observe What People Do, Not What They Say

Joy in relationships is found with increased acceptance and lowered expectations. Pain usually arrives with our own self centered list (which was not included for them in our initial interview or the unwritten memos we have sent).  Instead,  pray to Him before all contact, smile with those you enjoy and be kind to those you think wish to hurt you.

Pray at the start of everything for improved results.

Read scripture for better understanding of others.

Meditate for best performance and better understanding of yourself.

Warriors of Light sometimes pretend to have turned the volume off. They observe what people do, not what they say.

Boiling out expectations they add two cups of forgiveness, mix with love, bake in honesty, and everything tastes better!

One Tiny Step at a Time is All it Takes to Change Direction

One tiny step at a time is all it takes to change direction, reality, purpose and destination. One step is all it takes to become honest, courageous or thoughtful. He is waiting to help and the world is waiting to see integrity as the fashion statement that grows more attractive with age.

Pray to stay on the beam and enfolded by His warmth.

Read scripture to see no struggles are new or unique.

Meditate on Goodness and take Delight.

Warriors of Light know that it all boils down only to taking one step at a time. His hand is available to all, inside His hand lies Peace of mind.

Take Off the Mask

We must deal with who we really are, not who we present to the world. We must confront the part of ourselves that we hide from the world. The part we think that people will leave us if they see. This requires a supernatural force to help. He is always available. His Light can lead us into peace with truth. This clears the way for His Light to shine in our lives.

Pray for courage and honesty.

Read scripture, see redemption is yours.

Meditate. Relax in truth. Breathe deeply. Be blown away ?

Warriors of Light continue to reveal and relinquish their hiding places. This brings in more Light. Acceptance of themselves and others displays their stance as attractive.

See Things Differently

Each one of us sees differently. Be part of the opportunity not the problem. Set feelings aside, act on principles of honesty, courage and faith. These are used for free. They are effective,more effective than feelings put into words.

Pray. He will take give help and direction.

Read scripture to find your rewards.

Meditate. They time you take to breathe and be holds it’s own reward.

Warriors of Light know that displaying the correct attitude during the problem adds to the lessons and rewards offered.

Taking An Honest Look at Ourselves

So quickly we forget how we erred. Our attention is on others. We can see them so clearly. It is hard to look at ourselves. Why, first we must turn around, then open our eyes. We must actually do it without laziness or procrastination. And Lord have mercy, we have to be honest ! Oh my, then we must be willing to change. It is a lot easier to look away, at the others.

Pray for the willingness to be childlike in our desire to grow up.

Read scripture. Its books are about “our Father”. Learn more about our family.

Meditate. This means a halt to other activity, deep breathing and closed eyes.

Warriors of Light may find that a small step, something they are used to, is a Childlikehuge step for their brother. They must be ready to help.

Weaving the Fabric of Life

Embrace the day with joy !

Use the principles of tolerance and acceptance to buffer your interactions. Use the principles of courage and faith to move you forward. Use the principles of honesty and humility to stay your direction.

Pray all through the day. Talk to Him like He is with you. He is.

Read scripture. Try Proverbs for postings of truth to guide you.

Warriors of Light weave good decisions into the curtains of their life. This keeps much undesirable drama from their staging area.

The Other Shoe Is Already on the Floor

Decisions based on feelings  are not always wise. The consequences may be immediate or may show themselves slowly. Decisions based on principles of honesty, faith, courage, trust, loyalty and service to God leave one unworried about when the other shoe will drop. All the shoes are already on the floor !

Pray before making unwise decisions. Enjoy peace of mind, Read scripture to find answers if confused.

Meditate. Feel the peace that envelops a wise path.

Warriors of Light use discipline to keep emotions from leading down the wrong path. Trust insures their footing.