Staying on the More Narrow Path

It ALL boils down to one thing…

Humbly directing our thoughts toward the Good. This takes small repeated steps of discipline in our thinking. Refusing to buy into the negative, regardless of its persuasive presentation will guard our spirits and allow us to feel Him holding our hand.

Pray, aloud when you can. Engage sound to your heart.

Read scripture. Find clues to staying on the path.

Meditate. Yes, take the time to breathe and acknowledge your spiritual actuality.

Warriors of Light steer clear of the enemy. They know some of his troops from school or work and have shared some sweet experiences. Today their mission leads them on a narrow path with room only for those marching to the Commander’s cadence.

Every Tunnel Has an End

Whether we have graduated from school, retired from a great career, moved to a nicer house or found the love of our life, change is difficult.  Why not picture Him holding your hand as you take on your new adventure. Don’t go in there alone !

Pray. Have a conversation with your Protector, your Advocate.

Read scripture. This holds clues. They wrote things down in a Hallowed Book for a reason.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly to find Peace.

Warriors of Light keep marching even through the dark tunnels.

They use familiar songs and smiles to encourage brothers and keep cadence. They carry The Light and they know every tunnel passes through the mountain and every tunnel has an end.