Trust Him Enough

Humility is the key and thinking about Him is the answer. Trust Him enough to turn your thoughts to His attributes instead of planning the details of how to solve the problem. Particularly when your solution  involves another child of God and their future.

Pray to be of use in his service and His will to be done. Now get out of the way.

Read scripture and learn about the joy and wealth available in His will.

As Meditate on His greatness instead of calculating your next move.

Warriors of Light do the best they can and then accept the outcome. Acceptance is a practiced art and a very important part of WOL training.

Acceptance and Gratitude are benchmarks for promotion and pay increases  in His camps.

There is a Plan and it is Fulfilling

Let it all fall into place. Get out of His way and be in His will. Coincidences are really Winks from the Great Manager. There is a plan and walking in the plan is more fulfilling and easier than self-centered drive. Surrender  brings victory !

Pray to stay in contact with Management.

Read scripture. Instructions bring revaluation .

Warriors of Light love to dance ! When marching to their own rhythm they can step on toes, their own and those of others. When listening to His songs and Psalms they dance more joyfully, others join in and all toes are protected .