Injustice and Tragedy are But Clouds Hiding His Presence

Love makes the world go round, validates our soul and brings us peace. God is Love sharing news of His Power in each smile. Our choice is to inhabit the present where He lives or join the ego’s drama of should haves and could haves to which so many dance.

Pray because the world will be different after but one word.

Read scripture and let His Power move into your heart.

Meditate. Soak in His presence and be rejuvenated.

Warriors of Light know that injustice and tragedy are but clouds hiding His presence. When observing a battle they know that fighting stops when people look up. There are no losers, just those that have yet to request their portion while giving something to someone in need.

Where Do You Find Victory?

Victory is yours ! Remarkably it comes through surrendering control. But…

It belongs to you ! It matters not what failures or mistakes or other bad consequences have come before.

Your acknowledgement of His power and seeking Him unzips your bag of promises.

Pray to seek Him first upon awakening.

Read scripture or a devotional BEFORE getting out of bed.

Meditate on the good things already happening. Don’t forget things like hot water and your blanket.

Warriors of Light use gratitude to dig out of mood holes. They use gratitude to fight the demon of self pity. They party in Praise while the committee in our heads tries to lure us into fear and doubt.

Victory is yours !