Your Best Friend is Listening

What goes around comes around, choose kindness and love as your due by focusing on Him and the needs of His other children.

Pray as if holding a tin can with a string knowing that your Best Friend has His can up to the ear listening to the words magically dance up the string.

Read scripture to keep the lifeline taut.

Meditate by breathing deeply, loose your knots.

Warriors of Light know that He waits for His children to turn back to Him so He can shower them with the blessings stored.

Take a Day Off from Thinking About Yourself

Take a day off from thinking about yourself and do for others outside your immediate family.

Think about your neighbors, the cashier at the store, the driver ahead of you, pray for their needs and desires. Watch this energy return to brighten your day.

Pray for others they are His children.

Read scripture and find the importance of others.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing.

Warriors of Light know that they may not be much but often they are all they think about. They make a point to give to others of their time which is more valuable than money.