Put in the Good and Watch the Good Come Out

Put in the good and watch the good come out. Paint with a good hand, good paints and a good heart and get a good picture. Choose the best, love your Creator and let Him make you the hero in your life.

Pray because it is the most honest conversation to be had.

Read scripture to feed your spirit properly.

Meditate on all your gifts and relish the present.

Warriors of Light know that sometimes they must pull back the curtain  for the best view. Willingness greases the curtain rod and His Light shines on the best features.

Let Our Applause Come from The Maker

Be the hero of your own life. A hero loses and regains or struggles and overcomes in the arena. Applause comes from the fans. Let our applause come from The Maker when we learn to use the Tools given us.

Pray, it is our main Tool. Prayer is a lifeline and an energy force that does not return void.

Read scripture to learn about Humility, Generosity, and Gratitude.

Meditate daily and relax while He works.

Warriors of Light do their very best in the games of Life. They accept the outcomes, the team changes and the new quarterbacks with enthusiasm. They realize that touchdowns are not the goals, becoming a better player is what wins with Him.

Be the Hero of Your Own Life

Be willing to play your part. Be the hero of your own life.

Employ kindness and gratitude in every scene. Surprise the family by not choosing anger as a response. Speak softly to all. Watch their amazement. Close each act with forgiveness and hear the applause in heaven.

Pray to Trust Him for each step.

Read scripture. Make some of it your own.

Meditate. Nobody has the time but if you take it He will magnify the rest .

Warriors of Light choose their lines carefully. They use silence when unsure. They look up when they miss a cue careful not to use words as darts.