Pray as if Sharing Tales with Your Best Friend

Educate the heart and the brain will follow. Feed upon  good and beauty,  watch people remark on the quality of your complexion. Give problems to the Master and get busy helping others. Take pleasure in your work, it is what you do.

Pray as if sharing tales with your best friend.

Read scripture as if it is a letter from an old friend.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and let the dust settle.

Warriors of Light know that time  seems to change speeds. Warriors take their eyes off the clock and look up with Trust. Actions motivated properly will arrive guided by unseen forces placed in front of unexpected opportunities. Even the weather, monies and the US Mail are subject to His Force.

Increase Your Strength By Helping Others

A child of the King !

Realize your position, wealth, health and opportunities by honoring Him as you awaken. Draw closer with your responses.  Stop reacting. Pause, choose your words, tone and moves. Be the best you.

Pray to remember who you are.

Read scripture to see the lay of the land and the position of the other players.

Meditate. Inhale the gift of your breath.

Warriors of Light increase their strength by helping others. Their practiced step may be a giant leap for a brother. Repeated extension of the arm makes it stronger.

Do The Next Right Thing, Repeat

There is a formula for success ! Do the next right thing. Now repeat. And repeat. This will give you right thinking which will lead to good feelings. Decisions based on principles, not feelings lead to success. * Pray. Simply talk to the Source.

Read scripture and devotionals to remind you of right and wrong.

Meditate. Stop the noise in your head  ! Relax and be.

Warriors of Light don’t walk on by. They help those that can be helped. They grieve that some won’t.


*The Twelve Step Recovery Program sings a similar tune