A Steady Stream of Goodness

This year’s crop may not be the turning point of savings or loss. A steady stream of Goodness is offered in various packages and sizes. Open the eyes to see and the Heart to receive.

Pray and move forward.

Read scripture to build renewed perspective.

Meditate by breathing deeply and soaking in Good News.

Warriors of Light know they will have what they say and they use care in declarations.

All of the Solutions Call for Letting Go

As soon as the mind turns to self it focuses on problems. It adds up the difficulties and starts planning correction. A smile, hug, scripture quote or lil tune can stir the mind away from self and the problems disappear. All of our problems are created by self. All of the solutions call for letting go and allowing His Directions to take charge.

Pray for your needs and watch His Love enfold you.

Read scripture, letting His reports become personal.

Meditate and see how some can see into the Fourth Dimension where the turning of Hearts really begins.

Warriors of Light know that everyone desires the personal embraces of God. Get out of His way, watch and pray. He will arrive fully armed just in the niche of time.

Step Toward the Light

Actions become habits and habits become character. Improvement begins with but one step in the right direction. Step toward the Light and watch it spread through the heart and mind illuminating the darkness of neglect and blame.

Pray and open the upward channels.

Read scripture and fuel the Light from within.

Meditate and relax the soul in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that our Spirits are attacked by the fiery darts of poor thinking, rationalizing lack of responsibility, fears of failure, lust and envy. Shields of Faith quench fiery darts immediately, so lift them upward and give Thanks.

Shine and Reflect the Light

Prayer and the sacrifice of obedience clear the view. The desired might not be as tasty as the fruits found in the wake of His path. His Grace will bounce in your days and shine for others to see when you save your treasured moments for Him.

Pray from your Heart or through rituals. He will hear your knock.

Read scripture it holds the clues you seek.

Meditate. Stop, look and listen while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light enjoy the clarity as they march in formation. Their concern is only for the next step and the Directions are clear. They begin to Shine and reflect the Light. People always comment on their improved countenance when they return from a training session.

See the Opportunities for Growth

Leave the words should and ought on the shelf.  Look and see the opportunities for growth. Like a lawn they can be fertilized with smiles and watered with hugs. They will always need mowing to train the growth. Issues arise like weeds, He can pluck them out best if we let go.

Pray to desire what is best.

Read scripture to learn the advantages of Good yard care.

Meditate to keep it real. Relax in the Peace always available.

Warriors of Light know that putting Him first and offering their Life as a place for His lawns will bring them the desires of their Heart

Keeping Your Side of the Street Clean

Hearts contain what we pour into them. Pour Love and Trust into your heart, enjoy a heart filled with Love and Trust.

Trust is built a piece at a time. It is not a suddenly arrived at conclusion but a foundation built brick by brick. Oh, the bricks are not for sale, they must be shaped and forged as well.

Pray and Trust. He listens.

Read scripture to gain arms for spiritual battle. Loss is likely when we miss our cues to request protection.

Meditate. It is the privilege of those who are learning to Trust more.

Warriors of Light know their objective is to keep their side of the street clean. When in traffic they drive only their car. When the plane loses oxygen they put their own mask on first.

Keep Your Attention on the Good and the Battle is Won

Stay your attention on the good and know that this was the battle. With that maintained, the battle is won. The only battle was in the mind and the prize is a softened heart which gains the soul. He created His children for His pleasure.

Pray to keep the mind on Life and Peace.

Read scripture, find understanding of the mysteries.

Meditate at least once a day. Deep breathing and worthy contemplation soothes the wounds and the itches.

Warriors of Light need not camp near the enemy or the unkind. Warriors keep their armor close even when relaxed. The Commander does the planning and the protection. His hand is always extended.

The Joy in Doing Your Best

Feeling pressured ? By whom ?  There is no haste in His kingdom so unless compensating for sloth  or from within, there is no pressure, but only joy in doing one’s best.

Pray. Staying in regular conversation with Him takes weight off.

Read scripture. Scripture’s words taken from the pages and placed into the heart tenderize life.

Meditate. Here we employ Trust to take our time and use it wisely. The results will be obvious.

Warriors of Light know they can make their life as they make a good pot roast, putting in good meat and veggies with the Power of their spoken words. Warriors know that grabbing fears from the future and putting them into today adds pressure and too much salt.

Using Gratitude as an Attitude

Stay on the right path and the  family you lack will appear.

Isaiah 54:1 says the woman who never bore children will rejoice and have more children than those who bore them.

Pray to The Father and open your heart.

Read scripture and educate your heart.

Meditate on the love in your life.

Warriors of Light use Gratitude as an attitude. It is so attractive. They are welcomed by families of many descriptions.

Open Doors to Find Opportunity

“Willingness to learn and a heart to serve will open the doors.”  Opportunities will avail themselves to you. People will avail themselves to you. A life filled with purpose, miracles and appreciation unfolds with unselfish motives.

Yours to enjoy !

Pray. Lead by example.

Read scripture. Keep your ideas in shape.

Meditate. Relax, breathe easy. You are not in charge anyway.

Warriors of Light feel the rhythm of the day. Their cadence, their dance inspires others to step in Faith