On Tap is Whatever is Thought

On tap is whatever is thought, available in any flavor desired. Tip the lever of the mind filling the glass with health, joy, and contentment. Know that the keg is full with more in the cooler. Offer your joy to those who think that only the dregs are available. Illuminate the way to Our Father’s wine cellar of opportunity, illustrate the Kingdom at Hand.

Pray, cool the glass and be ready to receive.

Read scripture to filter the brew and cleanse the palate.

Meditate by breathing deeply relax and taste the Present.

Warriors of Light know the mind is the battleground and fiery darts can strike deep. Warriors train their thinking to reflect His Love. This mirrors the Light and quenches fiery darts. The store of blessings becomes unfettered and flows into their lives and those around them. Good thinking equals good health and good life.