Find a Place to Rest and Understand the Answers

Freedom not restriction is really found within the Light. There lies visibility, direction and Him to hold our  hand. Strength to endure, places to rest, fellowship with those we allow to help are available as soon as we stop directing and start listening.

Pray to understand the answer to our prayers.

Read scripture. Tuck a few lines into memory to feed the heart.

Meditate. Enjoy breathing in His company.

Warriors of Light know to stay in the Light. They use Praise and Gratitude to bolster their shields of Faith. Many strive because they fear finding themselves in hell. Most Warriors have already been through hell and they refuse to go back!

Walk on with Faith

Consequences always follow. It may be so long that you think they missed you but they will arrive in their time. If they are good, enjoy your accolades and if otherwise know the He holds your hand. Walk on with Faith to your calling.

Pray as you walk, work and breathe.

Read scripture. It will illustrate the timelessness of Truth.

Meditate and relax in the safety of His Love.

Warriors of Light keep their weapons clean. Soot from old battles can thwart the path of their spiritual bullets. It is better to come clean in confessions, in preparation for new encounters, and in becoming available for new assignments.

Not to Your Will but to Your Betterment

Things may seem like disruptions or accidents but they are character building experiences, take them as such. Allow yourself to be strengthened by discomfort. Express Gratitude in the middle of things getting worse and watch situations change perhaps not to your will but for your betterment.

Pray and stay in tune with the Conducter of Life.

Read scripture as if it was score for music in your dance.

Meditate and breathe deeply as you spin through the crisises.

Warriors of Light know that He holds their hand as they tumble down the path or off the cliff. Watch how they impossibly land on their feet.