A Wall of Protection and Peace

There is a happiness that belongs to you !  It is built with bricks baked in service to others.

The bricks are set in a cement of love, spaced in a firm pattern of tribute to Him. Admirers will come, friends will remark, but only those who also know Him can see they form a wall of protection and peace.

Pray to find the joy in thinking  of others first and last.

Read scripture to find the worthiness of your own Humilty.

Meditate as a daily ritual. Learn to choose Life and Peace.

Warriors of Light have trained to stay in the Light.  Now the Light is a part of them. It shines wherever they travel.

The Joy Belongs to You!

Abraham Lincoln said, “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

“Don’t let them steal your joy. “

Notice that when you are paying attention to that which is at hand, the negative commentary in your head is silenced.

The joy belongs to you !

Pray. Pray louder if you feel lost, angry or deserted. Claim your peace !

Read scripture. The truth is written in our hearts but our “built-in forgetters” need reminding.

Meditate. It takes a few but it multiplies our energy.

Warriors of Light gain daily instructions from the Commander. Watch as they share the Truth with their smiles.

Pray for Others to Have the Best

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden rule. The basis of the Judeo Christian ethic is the foundation of trust, capitalism and prosperity. Enjoy the privilege of living a land which cherishes these values.

Cure resentment by praying for the culprit to have everything you desire for your life. Apply this technique for fourteen days or less. Watch the miracles !

Pray for others to have the best.

Read scripture. Its truths last.

Meditate. Close the eyes. Breathe very deeply. Repeat.

Warriors of Light gain their territory and establish their perimeter. Then, can they relax to enjoy the tales, the warmth and snores of their brothers.

The Magnitude of God

“If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. ” “Easy to say. Hard to do. Practice, practice, practice.”  So when a problem overtakes your mind, think about the magnitude of God.

Pray and talk to Him. Praise Him.

Read scripture and claim more ammunition for life’s battles. The Word is powerful !

Meditate. Relax under the wings and shadow of the Almighty.

Warriors of Light are not perfect. They are always in training. Their desire for spiritual growth gives them a glow. Each lesson polishes them a bit more.

Finding Opportunity

Life abounds with opportunities. Even our struggles offer opportunities for growth. Real happiness seems to lie in work and accomplishment not in rest.

Pray to find your suitable opportunities.

Read scripture to learn more about your purpose and place.

Meditate. Breathe in awareness of your flavor and direction.

Warriors of Light gain by giving. They seek and find. They ask and receive.  They maintain their equipment and their souls.

Life Is Good – Smile!

Life is good ! Don’t let anyone steal your joy. And if you know you are happy, tell your face. A smile works wonders for your whole system. A smile is so powerful, letting someone see it, will make one appear their face.

Pray with gratitude for all our blessings.

Read scripture and be reminded of the promises and privileges we enjoy.

Meditate. Take or make the time. It will be returned to you this very day.

Warriors of Light know that whatever we give to God, be it time or money, gets magnified and returned to us. You can’t outgive God !

The Hand Extended

Learn to receive. In the midst of confusion or pain His hand is extended through other people. Learn to ask and receive. Happiness is shared.

Pray to see the answers.

Read scripture and devotionals to remember.

Meditate. Stop doing and relax for a bit.

Warriors of Light know “pride cometh before a fall”.

They join hands before a battle.

Live in the Present

Stay in the present . It is the only moment worth living. Be kind. Remember who is in charge .

It is more of a miracle that the whole system works than a problem that one part needs healing.

Pray with gratitude. Repeat.

Read scripture. Memorize a bit to take with you on the dance of your day.

Meditate. Relax and know.

Warriors of Light know. Their smile will remind us that we know.

Continued Willingness to be Thankful

Make a ritual of starting your morning with thanksgiving.

Positive acclamations will boost your spirits and start the rhythm of your day . Being humble enough to ask for help and grateful enough to speak your thanks,  will set you up for a win.

Pray for continued willingness.

Read scripture and devotionals as part of your ritual.

Meditate to wrap it up and follow up with actions of service.

Warriors of Light know that service to others holds the blessing of happiness. Set the example !

Choosing Happiness

“Choose happiness and choose to share it !”

Many opportunities can be missed by simply watching them go past.

Exercise is good for the muscles, the mind and the heart. You may get hurt but healing holds many good lessons.

Pray for inspiration and direction in your actions.

Read scripture and devotionals to get clues. Meditate. Consider your options.

A decision not made is a decision.

Warriors of Light must not waste time. Not theirs or others . Their training leads them to pursue or change direction.