Words Color the Project and the Day

Thoughts and words have power. Whether spoken or heard they color the project and the day. Our choice is to use those that Honor Him and reach out to others.

Pray to gain His guidance in our choices.

Read scripture, it renews the mind making the choices.

Meditate, a practice which clears the drawing board.

Warriors of Light know life is a 3D printing of our thoughts and words. They carefully choose their own words, buffing out the offensive noise and polishing the Perfect ones. Humility and Gratitude provide this angle of approach.

Just the Humility Required to Open the Pages

Willingness, positioning, practice and Trust allow the witness of miracles. These are the works that keep Faith alive. These are the elements of success and growth in any area.

Pray, aloud if necessary, it works.

Read scripture. Just the Humility required to open the pages avails much guidance sometimes without seeming so.

Meditate. Praying aloud or quietly reading are forms of meditation.

Warriors of Light encourage each other not to give up before the miracles are visible. The right actions produce right results. The perspective to see this may take food, rest or a hug.

Two Steps Forward

Progress in real life is not indicated by straight lines of improvement. Two steps forward, rest, two steps to the side or back is more usual. He knows our hearts and how long we tangled the web. He can understand our thinking and is pleased by the improvement.

Pray for Guidance and Direction.

Read scripture as a never ending source of inspiration.

Meditate daily. Listen to your breathing and watch it lift your Heart.

Warriors of Light know willingness to be the fertilizer of progress in spiritual growth. Willingness also greases the rough spots as the web of self centeredness is pulled away. Acceptance soothes the soul as it breathes through freshly cracked ego.

There Are No Limits, Trust Yourself

There are no limits to what you can do if you start.  Supplies will appear if you look with a flexible request list. Reinforcements will arrive if you learn to receive help.

Just start. Don’t allow your talents to fade. Don’t wait for the son to graduate or the weather to change. Honor Him by using your gifts. Start now.

Pray for guidance, direction and inspiration.

Read scripture. Let it speak to your heart.

Meditate. Breathe in the air of opportunity.

Warriors of Light keep marching.

They find themselves with unforeseen victories loved by people they never imagined. All because they started and Trusted Him.

You are Designed to Love and Solve Problems

Be open to the opportunities provided.  You are designed to love and solve problems. Your smile can take the sting out of another’s day. Your example of enthusiasm “under fire “ may inspire our future leaders.

Pray for guidance and Peace.

Read scripture and find clues to your puzzles.

Meditate. Breathe in deeply. Relax under His wing.

Warriors of Light know there is a plan. Their Gratitude opens the doors for more.

Watch for Caution Signs

Sensing some regret as we march forward ? Watching caution signs in the eyes of our friends and loved ones ?  Rationalizing and justifying ?

We believe our own foolishness.

Get new management !

Always available,  He says “ Call on me “.

Pray for guidance then watch.

Read scripture.  Don’t be rushed into anything.

Meditate. There is no need for haste in God’s world or ours.

Warriors of Light know that timing is critical.  Relax as you await your next engagement .

Finding the Source of Light

Imagine the joy of doing good things without being asked and doing the right things when no one is watching. Integrity is followed by self respect and honor. What a match !

Pray for guidance and direction. Watch the flow !

Read scripture. There is a lot of truth in there.

Meditate. Breathe deeply with closed eyes. Repeat. Inhale the beauty of your blessings .

Warriors of Light remain on guard but evil cannot stand the Light. Increase your strength by helping others find the Source of Light.

Moderation in All Things

In 1493, Swiss doctor, Paracelsus, proposed…

“The poison is in the dose.”

If we overindulge, even water can be toxic.

Relationships and sunshine can become toxic.

This truth was the essential theme of works by Greek poet, Hesiod, 700 bc.  Put gently he suggested “ Moderation in all things.”

Pray for insight and accept guidance.

Read scripture. The measure of truth was weighed before it became scripture.

Meditate as a daily ritual. Let the stillness bathe your mind.

Warriors of Light stay in the moment, drop their hidden agenda and realize than all experiences benefit their growth.

Action Begets Motivation

“Action begets motivation !”

“Getting started is the only battle .”

Decisions don’t change lives. It is the repeated action that changes our thinking and then our feelings follow.

Pray for guidance. “If you don’t have a ‘higher power’ keep praying. You will be contacted !”

Read scripture. This builds faith.

Meditate. Really close your eyes for a few while inhaling deeply.

Warriors of Light find life to be an adventure filled with miracles. Even the darkest days hold treasures !

Pray for Guidance

Willingness is power. It moves the ears to hear and listen. It moves hearts to change the path.  Willingness is free. Ignite willingness by changing one lil habit in the day. Watch the resistance crumble in unexpected areas as your reality is shaken.

Pray for guidance. Realize your wisdom.

Read scripture. It was written to help  not punish.

Meditate. Be willing to stop. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Gain strength.

Warriors of Light pray for willingness. That’s how the meek inherit the earth.