Meditate. It Serves Best When it Seems There is Not Time 

Stay flexible and open, watch the desires of your heart arrive in unexpected ways. Humility allows movement outside of the rut our path may have created. Gratitude soothes the perceived barbs in our day.

Pray anytime about anything. He loves hearing from us.

Read scripture. It nourishes and reveals.

Meditate. It serves best when it seems there is not time.

Warriors of Light give with an open hand. They carry no score cards. They know The Provider and have tasted His Mercy.

Find a Place to Rest and Understand the Answers

Freedom not restriction is really found within the Light. There lies visibility, direction and Him to hold our  hand. Strength to endure, places to rest, fellowship with those we allow to help are available as soon as we stop directing and start listening.

Pray to understand the answer to our prayers.

Read scripture. Tuck a few lines into memory to feed the heart.

Meditate. Enjoy breathing in His company.

Warriors of Light know to stay in the Light. They use Praise and Gratitude to bolster their shields of Faith. Many strive because they fear finding themselves in hell. Most Warriors have already been through hell and they refuse to go back!

Cloaked with the Lessons of Life

Employ your Gratitude before arising ! Watch sunshine and love fill the morning. Add Joy to your toolbag as you start your day. Keep your focus in today with what you have. Be willing to face today just you and Our Father. Watch others see what you have and come calling!

Pray to remember who you are and the Majesty of His Power.

Read scripture. It renews your mind. Dip a bit deeper and let it reach your heart.

Meditate. Doesn’t seem important until you try it !

Warriors of Light know how to celebrate !  They party by knitting the sharp lessons of life into capes that glisten. They march cloaked in protection. When they visit they share the comfort of their cloaked past.

Interestingly there is never much clean up needed after the Warriors party.

When He Sends Us a Message

Treasure your miracles and receive more ! If you see the clouds in a shape that moves you, be thankful, express it. If a tissue, dampened by your tears, falls to the floor and later looks like an angel dancing across the carpet, be thankful and appreciate His wink.

When a parking space is just perfectly timed, know He is holding your hand.

Pray to see His work in all of your life. Be humbled by His attention to detail.

Read scripture and learn to cherish it and the people who saved it for you to read.

Meditate by breathing in deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light breathe in Humility and out Gratitude as they march. These two Forces make them safe from defeat and charged for their purposes. These Forces make them the Armed Forces.

Celebrate Your LIfe

Celebrate your life in the way you walk, sit, stand and care for yourself. Celebrate your time by choosing with whom you share it.

Celebrate your work by being the best you can be. Let Gratitude ooze from your soul as you continue the celebration.

Pray. Speak with the Author.

Read scripture, it is one of His better pieces.

Meditate. Relax and watch the world spin without your effort.

Warriors of Light dance in their celebration. An observer would call it marching but in fact they are line dancing, making fun even during chores.

Not to Your Will but to Your Betterment

Things may seem like disruptions or accidents but they are character building experiences, take them as such. Allow yourself to be strengthened by discomfort. Express Gratitude in the middle of things getting worse and watch situations change perhaps not to your will but for your betterment.

Pray and stay in tune with the Conducter of Life.

Read scripture as if it was score for music in your dance.

Meditate and breathe deeply as you spin through the crisises.

Warriors of Light know that He holds their hand as they tumble down the path or off the cliff. Watch how they impossibly land on their feet.

Caring for His Other Children

Love is His gift and His being. Love Him in return with Humility. Humility allows Him to make the plans and carry the burdens. Our job is to be of service by caring for His other children.

Pray. This is our life line to Our Father.

Read scripture, let it whisper to your heart as He whispers in your  thoughts.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax in Gratitude.

Warriors of Light are careful about with whom they march. The cadence of the Commander sets the pace and the fragrance of prayer is in the wind. Their lives are filled with purpose and direction. They know the troop behind them has their back and the battle is already won.

Trust and Keep Doing the Next Right Thing

Our wants simply cannot be had until we want what we have. See the keys of Gratitude and Humility.

Not states of mind which befall us when everyone is behaving,  but Spiritual tools for living.

Pray to see the Truth and be set free.

Read scripture. Be renewed.

Meditate. Stop the planning committee and breathe.

Warriors of Light know the Commander. They suffer no costs of living. They simply move forward with Trust doing the next right thing while keeping their side of the street clean.

Carrying Loads of Joy

Put down your preconceived notions about what will make you happy or even how you think you should be of service. Stop the battle and surrender. No one can steal what God has for you.

Pray as a start to your day and before important transactions.

Read scripture. Use its Truth as a foundation.

Meditate. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, repeat.

Warriors of Light would never have expected to be carrying the loads of Joy they now pick up daily. Their repeated Trust and Gratitude has brought them new privileges, new friends and new family.

Our Mind is a Battleground

Our mind is a battleground and our soul is the prize. Unguarded it remains subject to fear, depression, greed, lust or anger.

Soaked in gratitude it remains open to Love and prosperity. Covered with prayer it stays fresh, open to new beginnings and available for service.

Pray and utilize what is given.

Read scripture to learn more.

Meditate. Find Him within you guarding the Fort.

Warriors of Light stay armed in peace time. Their alert stance is ready. Ready to quench the fiery darts.