Look Up and Let Things Fall Into Place

Look up, let go and let things fall into place. Give up searching for the right words or the right ploy to move others as you desire. Trust Him and take the next right step. The only real Power you have to affect change is by example and through prayer.

Pray as if speaking to the most wealthy and kindest Daddy in the world. He loves you.

Read scripture to build your Faith.

Meditate on the Goodness in your life while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light know that even winning the lottery won’t improve life without good stewardship. Grateful caring for the smallest of possessions welcomes the arrival of More.

The Key to the Locked Door

Humility is the key to the locked door, the proper pose for success, the stance for a great day and a position to receive Love !  Humility leaves us grateful and available for more blessings.

Pray to the One who created you and loves hearing from you.

Read scripture. Humility allows learning from the experience of others.

Meditate. Stopping activity and breathing deeply will make things more understandable.

Warriors of Light know their attitude and training puts them in an enviable place. The glow of their smiles and open hands is not evidence of pride but of Trust in Him.

The Sweetness in Your Life

If someone is not grateful for what you have already given, why would you wish to give more ? And yet we look up without appreciation of our wealth and pout about not receiving our last request by last Tuesday.  We are blessed beyond belief just to be alive, able to eat and walk.

Pray. Express a bit of Gratitude  and Love.

Read scripture and remind yourself of the sweetness in your life.

Meditate. Fashionable even in the West these days, deep breathing in a quiet moment rejuvenates and centers our souls.

Warriors of Light have all they want simply by wanting all they have. Then they multiply it by giving some away.

As We Think, So We Are

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Today, expect the best ! Make this day an adventure. Watch for the small joys of a breeze, a butterfly or a pretty smile. Be part of the miracles in other people’s lives.

Pray for a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart.

Read scripture. It contains clues.

Meditate. Relax in deep breathing.

Warriors of Light know that encouragement wins the battle !

Visualize the Best

Compete with only with yourself. Learn to work with others. Anticipate their needs. Visualize the best in them and yourself.

Be grateful to be alive ! Cherish each moment. Relish the opportunities to be of service.

Fall in love !

Pray, aloud if necessary. Tell Him your concerns.

Read scripture. Dig out the dusty volume. Open it and see.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and slowly. Watch blood pressure drop and solutions appear.

Warriors of Light tend to their weapons. They cut through the darkness. They reveal and enjoy the Truth that God is Love.

Letting Go the Part That is Broken

How can He fix it if you won’t let go ?  Just like a child’s toy our hands, minds, and line of thought must release the broken piece.  It is lifted to the Father. He knows the care and fix for everything. He knows what is best.

Keep a cheerful spirit and a grateful heart ! Give Thanks !

Pray first thing or start over. Prayer works.

Read scripture. Even a few words offer peace.

Meditate. More important than it seems. Stop moving and inhale deeply. Close the eyelids.

Warriors of Light open scripture and watch the evil one flee. They internalize and memorize lil phrases. Stored for later use they offer protection from darkness.