Weed out the Embedded Jealousies, Fears, and Doubts

Design the inside more beautifully than the outside. Dig into your heart and weed out the embedded jealousies, fears, and doubts. Don’t fondle them but lift them up to Him. He can handle them for you. Relax in knowing you were personally shaped for good.

Pray because it is your privilege as His child.

Read scripture and find the part that belongs to your day.

Meditate on the good, feel safe in His shadow.

Warriors of Light know they must give up to receive, surrender to win and share to keep. Life is good and our smiles show best when our minds are with our hands helping others.

Still the Noise and Listen

Focus on the Good and move forward! Human energies are built to solve problems and find Joy in the solving. That big empty hole in oneself can be filled with Joy simply by turning upward and opening the disposition.

Pray to share consciousness with the All Powerful.

Read scripture to train the mind’s path.

Meditate. Relax control, still the noise and Listen.

Warriors of Light know the words “you can’t” to be inspirational because you can! Any desire that is in His flow cannot be stopped. Laryngitis cannot stop a speech needing delivery, tile shortages cannot stop the right roof being put on and weather will not stop the flights of those under His wings!

The mind made up is a powerful force.

Good, Clean, Supportive Shoes

Good, clean, supportive shoes keep feet happy. Good, clean, supportive homes keep people happy. He offers us the Firm Foundation requiring only an eyelash of willingness to let in the Light. Choose support over fashion and mature without bunions.

Pray to discern the consequences of wearing those “come get me” pumps with the wrong crowd.

Read scripture the find the best paths.

Meditate and learn to relax. It removes the callouses of the day.

Warriors of Light know how to soak their feet in His Word. They know His angels guard their feet lest they dash against a stone. He is a Light unto the path and a Lamp unto feet.

None of Use Can Really See Ourselves

Open your eyes ! Turn off the sound of conversation.  Just watch. Actions reveal the truth.

Follow through is critical !

Pray for understanding and discernment.

Read scripture. Learn more about  Good and evil.

Meditate. Let things sink in while breathing slowly and deeply.

Warriors of Light employ acceptance while keeping their own behavior in check.  None of us can really see ourselves. Our relationships reveal our character.

Feed the Good Guy in Your Head

Pick the good guy in your head to feed. He likes happy music, nutritious food, exercise, following through with commitments and love for others. He enjoys being bathed and well rested each day.  He talks to The Designer about his issues with the plan.

Pray. Stay in touch.

Read scripture. See that the affairs of the heart really haven’t changed over time.

Meditate. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Repeat and relax.

Warriors of Light know “In quietness and trust is your strength.”

Finding the Source of Light

Imagine the joy of doing good things without being asked and doing the right things when no one is watching. Integrity is followed by self respect and honor. What a match !

Pray for guidance and direction. Watch the flow !

Read scripture. There is a lot of truth in there.

Meditate. Breathe deeply with closed eyes. Repeat. Inhale the beauty of your blessings .

Warriors of Light remain on guard but evil cannot stand the Light. Increase your strength by helping others find the Source of Light.

The Good That Lies Within

“Grind us down. Find our wheat and chaff. A friend will sift gently, finding the good. With a breath of kindness, the rest, he will blow away.”

Pray to see the goodness of every moment. It is in there !

Read scripture to gain discernment and faith. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the Word.”

Meditate. Really. Stop and breathe deeply with the eyes closed. Take a load off.

Warriors of Light know life is a mixed bag. One usually has to enter the barber shop to actually get a haircut.

Being Thankful for the Goodness All Around Us

Focus on the good. See the good. Speak of the good. Encourage the good. Desire the good. Protect the good. Love the good. Enjoy the good. Have a good day !

Pray and be thankful for the goodness of life. Or ask to find it.

Read scripture. Gain more understanding.

Meditate. Even breathing creates even breath.

Warriors of Light establish a perimeter which restricts entry of anything not good. Guess what grows inside ?

Life Is Good – Smile!

Life is good ! Don’t let anyone steal your joy. And if you know you are happy, tell your face. A smile works wonders for your whole system. A smile is so powerful, letting someone see it, will make one appear their face.

Pray with gratitude for all our blessings.

Read scripture and be reminded of the promises and privileges we enjoy.

Meditate. Take or make the time. It will be returned to you this very day.

Warriors of Light know that whatever we give to God, be it time or money, gets magnified and returned to us. You can’t outgive God !