Watch Him Multiply the Time You Don’t Think You Have

Be the best you can be in each moment. Look not into the future for trade offs or justification because tomorrow is not here. Build the best pieces of your life today with good decisions which honor Our Father. Stay in today with your appreciation.

Pray and stay in conversation with The One who truly knows what you think and how you feel.

Read scripture. It illustrates the best paths.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax. Take the time you think you do not have and watch Him multiply your time.

Warriors of Light know that repeated good decisions weave together a blanket of protection. It keeps you warm or shaded, covered and dry. You can’t fall from under its middle and it marks you as one of His troops. Joy becomes the mark of your Life.


Weaving the Fabric of Life

Embrace the day with joy !

Use the principles of tolerance and acceptance to buffer your interactions. Use the principles of courage and faith to move you forward. Use the principles of honesty and humility to stay your direction.

Pray all through the day. Talk to Him like He is with you. He is.

Read scripture. Try Proverbs for postings of truth to guide you.

Warriors of Light weave good decisions into the curtains of their life. This keeps much undesirable drama from their staging area.