Trust Dispels the Power of Fear

There is no limit on the goodness that can be shared.  There is no loss in giving.  Receiving is an art that improves with practice. So practice.

Pray. See the advantage in your current position.

Read scripture. The willingness to revere wisdom lifts our eyes.

Meditate. Relax with purpose.

Warriors of Light know that trust sets the stage for opportunities.  Trust dispels the power of fear.

Moving more easily through the day

There is no limit to real wealth. In fact there is gain in giving. There is no limit to real time. Time spent in prayer or meditation it seems to move us more easily through our day.

Being of service to people encountered will unfold blessings not usually realized.

Pray like you are speaking to the Daddy you’d like to be.

Read scripture and discover more about your inheritance.

Meditate. Stop. Breathe deeply.

Let your mind drift. Let go.

Warriors of Light sometimes hum “Ti ah ah me(time), it’s on your side, yes it is.” This takes their mind off imagined pressure. There is no haste with God. Our portion is with us.

Participation in the Service of God

“Contempt prior to investigation” robs us. It thwarts our participation in the service of God. It limits our exposure from what we have decided, we are not going to like. But it also deprives us of the practice of trust. Trust takes practice.

Pray. Pray for the people you find offensive.

Read scripture to educate our hearts .

Meditate. Remain willing, childlike in our stance.

Warriors of Light are mobile. Their orders may come without warning. At the ready, they always benefit from giving and sharing.