We Help Others Feel His Presence

Be here now. Enjoy what you have, count your gains not your losses. The universe and your Creator groan to be embraced and propelled by your heart and its smile. Joy is available in the risk of helping others.

Pray aloud if necessary your thanksgiving of what you have today.

Read scripture. Learn more about your opportunities.

Meditate daily. Each day it will taste differently.

Warriors of Light have come to realize that even those not with us are affected by our stance of willingness to enjoy where we are helping others feel His presence.

Continued Willingness to be Thankful

Make a ritual of starting your morning with thanksgiving.

Positive acclamations will boost your spirits and start the rhythm of your day . Being humble enough to ask for help and grateful enough to speak your thanks,  will set you up for a win.

Pray for continued willingness.

Read scripture and devotionals as part of your ritual.

Meditate to wrap it up and follow up with actions of service.

Warriors of Light know that service to others holds the blessing of happiness. Set the example !