When it is Heavy Offer it Up

When it is heavy offer it up. When it is worrisome offer it up.

He waits for the mind to release its grasp before He can use Trust to grease the wheel that seems unturnable. He wants the best for us and is willing to assist us in gaining it.

Pray for your needs and to give Thanks.

Read scripture. Find great clues on how to enjoy being human.

Meditate daily or as often as you would like your peace restored .

Warriors of Light know that they must copy others  on the memo with the list of expectations for anyone to understand.  Warriors lower expectations and increase acceptance daily, or as often as they wish their peace restored.

When You Need a Bigger Bucket

Look for the sun when you open your eyes. Give Thanks first and improve your odds for a great day. Each day holds treasures for you. See them in the smiles of other people or find them in your own improved countenance. Choose a kind and thoughtful response to each encounter and watch your cup overflow.

Pray as a continued conversation  with your biggest fan.

Read scripture to remind you of His strength.

Meditate. It is your privilege to relax in His safe keeping.

Warriors of Light hold their treasures in an open bucket. They share through the day and they receive. Always it seems, they could really use a bigger bucket.