The Goodwill of the Season

Breathe in the Goodwill of the season. Dance in the hope of the new year. Our Father loves the expression of Love and sharing of gifts. Look up and know the greatest Gift is the knowledge of His caring.

Pray and speak with Him directly.

Read scripture Old and New.

Meditate on your blessings and watch more arrive.

Warriors of Light enjoy holidays too. Their glow arouses the disheartened. Their successes assure the skeptics. Their generosity etches the hearts of fallen allowing cracks for His Light to enter.

A Friend Who Sees You and Smiles is a Gift from God

A friend who sees you and smiles is a gift from God. Time spent together encourages both to grow. Sharing tales allows each to know that different paths contain the same stumbling blocks and His hand steadies the walk.

Time, miles, even death do not remove a friend from your heart.

Pray and speak to Our Father.

Read scripture and find illustrative truths.

Meditate. Really stop moving and breathe deeply with closed eyes.

This improves your vision.

Warriors of Light can see through the darkness of emotion into the future with Hope. Their training allows them to consider as evidence things not seen. Their march builds Faith which becomes contagious.