The Sweetness in Your Life

If someone is not grateful for what you have already given, why would you wish to give more ? And yet we look up without appreciation of our wealth and pout about not receiving our last request by last Tuesday.  We are blessed beyond belief just to be alive, able to eat and walk.

Pray. Express a bit of Gratitude  and Love.

Read scripture and remind yourself of the sweetness in your life.

Meditate. Fashionable even in the West these days, deep breathing in a quiet moment rejuvenates and centers our souls.

Warriors of Light have all they want simply by wanting all they have. Then they multiply it by giving some away.

The Tides of Life

Everything changes as we struggle to keep it clean or full, maintained or intact. Today, the first real day of summer, reminds us that His gift of the seasons comes from Earth’s tilt not its straight alignment.

Pray to accept the flow and the tides of life.

Read scripture and find your own oars.

Meditate. Find Peace in the lows and the highs.

Warriors of Light train to Love. Times now find joy in a man who can weep and share what he feels. We learn that “pain is real, misery is optional”.

The Future Cannot be Predicted

The future cannot be predicted. All we can do is increase our odds of making right decisions by setting the right priorities. Also by educating our hearts.

Pray to appreciate the gifts already possessed.

Read scripture. Let its teachings shape your soul .

Meditate. Relax in trust.

Warriors of Light fight inner battles, need petting and encouragement as much as the rest of us. They look to the Commander. He steadies them under His Shadow. He renews their strength.

A Teachable Spirit

A teachable spirit is a gift ! It is receptive to being taught. There is so much to learn !

Learn to focus on the good, receive the good and share what is good.

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture and learn that wisdom doesn’t change over time.

Meditate. Just stop all the doing and breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light temper their impressionable side. They are not easily swayed. They are teachable and are always learning new and more amazing maneuvers to help others.

Desires of the Heart

Friends are a gift from God, arriving in unexpected sizes, shapes, colors, and national origins.  Time taken to invest and share the pursuits of your heart with friends becomes a golden thread weaving through talents and memories.  Golden threads can be used by God to teach others and to perform his good tasks.

Pray. Tell Him of your dreams and desires.

Read. Scripture offers wisdom.

Meditate. Try different styles.

Warriors of Light listen. They follow the voice of the Commander and trust His judgement.  Given are the desires of their heart. Think not ? Watch Him change the desires !

Solving Problems

“If you have problem that can be fixed with money, you don’t have a problem.” Real problems are health problems or affairs of the heart.

“There is a spiritual solution for every problem.”

If you have a problem look to management for the solution. If they can’t help, get new management.

Pray for guidance. Ask for answers. Watch it happen !

Read scripture and devotionals. Be willing to be led in the right direction.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Often things are more clear in this zone.

Warriors of Light know that some elements can nourish the garden of life. Applied differently they can corrode or explode. Use your gifts with care !

Must Be Present to Win

“Each day deserves its own praises and loving angle of approach.” It is a gift ! It is called “the present”. 

We may choose to be optimistic and kind.

Pray. Leave your worries with Him.

Read scripture. Learn how to care for the treasures of life.

Meditate.  Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Repeat without guilt.

Warriors of Light know the activities above keep the weeds from their spiritual garden. Daily maintenance is required. Warriors of Light know “they must be present to win !”

Time is a Gift

You have gifts and talents. Just add follow through ! The stage and lights won’t display leadership, loyalty, courage, an eye for color and use of space, educational skills and a heart for helping. We all have talents and gifts ! Learn to recognize and hone the good things inside you !

Pray to prioritize your time. Time is a gift.

Read scripture it will give you the best Manager for your life.

Meditate before getting lost in the scramble of your day.

Warriors of Light watch their own talents increase as they persevere. They watch their own time increase when they honor God.

Do What You Say You Will

Our life is an adventure allowing us and encouraging us to be the best we can be.

“Don’t have a job which honors you ? Then honor the job.” This attitude and simply doing what you say you will do will put you amongst the 1% of people who can be trusted and…..people will trust you. This stance will bring unforeseen opportunities into your life.

You have many gifts. What you do with them is how you give !

Pray for guidance and it will come.

Read. His Word offers power and direction.

Meditate. Do not make this your main activity !

Warriors of Light know that God speaks through His Word and through other people. They choose their words and their friends carefully.

Miracles and Gifts

Open up. Receive the miracles and the gifts in our lives.  Remember some of them look like hot water and the ability to rise from the chair. A smile from a stranger, a word or a tune that brings understanding. Just the view of sunlight peeking through the trees can give us the lift we needed.

Pray to stay open to our blessings.

Read scripture and find answers we don’t remember seeing in that verse .

Meditate. Learn to relax. “Be anxious for nothing but by means of prayer and supplication make thy requests known.”

Warriors of Light pray just like they are speaking to a friend. They are !