Steps for Growth

We are offered freedom, life and peace simply by not choosing to separate ourselves from the Great, I am. In His Light resentments and heartbreak display themselves as steps for growth. We are never more than one step away from His Light.

Pray to see the Truth.

Read scripture, knit truth in your heart.

Meditate on the Truth to gain perspective.

Warriors of Light carry only the weight of today into battle. The Commander has shown them to truthfully see the rest as old noise. They listen only to the rhythm of the moment, a gift wrapped as the Present.

Maturity Allows Us to See the Big Picture

Maturity is marked by the ability to defer gratification. To give up the immediate sweetness and build a firm foundation for discovery of truth or intimacy.

How many times we fail to aim high, get the big picture, keep our distance and leave ourselves a way out.

Pray to weigh priorities.

Read scripture to gain perspective.

Meditate on the wealth already gained.

Warriors of Light sleep under careful watch. Only then do they let down their guard.