Desires of the Heart

Friends are a gift from God, arriving in unexpected sizes, shapes, colors, and national origins.  Time taken to invest and share the pursuits of your heart with friends becomes a golden thread weaving through talents and memories.  Golden threads can be used by God to teach others and to perform his good tasks.

Pray. Tell Him of your dreams and desires.

Read. Scripture offers wisdom.

Meditate. Try different styles.

Warriors of Light listen. They follow the voice of the Commander and trust His judgement.  Given are the desires of their heart. Think not ? Watch Him change the desires !

Share Your Life with Friends

Invest in your relationships, family, friends, the people who make up your day. Hold the smile they are looking for and compliment their efforts at life.

“Life is not easy at any age.” The people in your day are treasures and building blocks for your identity.

Pray and thank Him for the power to be nice.

Read. Explore Proverbs. “Reap what you sow.”

Meditate. Stop thinking and moving. Breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light find their joy in being of service to others. This leads them to a cloud of prosperity. Sharing etches the goodness of the day into the heart.