Observe What People Do, Not What They Say

Joy in relationships is found with increased acceptance and lowered expectations. Pain usually arrives with our own self centered list (which was not included for them in our initial interview or the unwritten memos we have sent).  Instead,  pray to Him before all contact, smile with those you enjoy and be kind to those you think wish to hurt you.

Pray at the start of everything for improved results.

Read scripture for better understanding of others.

Meditate for best performance and better understanding of yourself.

Warriors of Light sometimes pretend to have turned the volume off. They observe what people do, not what they say.

Boiling out expectations they add two cups of forgiveness, mix with love, bake in honesty, and everything tastes better!

Forgiveness Clears the Way, Shields Block the Fiery Darts

Forgiveness clears the way to the Life desired. Disapproval and predjudice are forms of unforgiveness. It may be a bad habit, a political affiliation, a religion, a race, a nationality or a severe crime that causes a lack of forgiveness but there it is blocking the Light in our days.

Pray in a quiet place and offer the willingness to forgive even that for which you wear the scars.

Read scripture and tuck a bit into your heart to proclaim aloud whenever the old issue appears in your mind.

Meditate often on the Goodness of Life.

Warriors of Light keep their heads clear by setting up a perimeter of Joy. They use their shields of Faith to block the fiery darts sent their way. Goodness and Mercy follow them in their marches and missions.

Relax Fearlessly

Heaven lies in the forgiveness of others because it lifts resentment away. Peace lies in forgiveness of self because it removes the arrogance of spiritual pride. This pride is subtle and can be hidden as shyness, timidity or even complacency but in fact it is pride.

Pray and stay current with your reports.

Read scripture for clues on the proper reading of events and reporting techniques.

Meditate. Just relax fearlessly in His protection.

Warriors of Light know pride comes before a fall, so don’t fall just lean on Him and your brothers. Warriors report in nightly and start their days by saluting the Commander with their gentle moves.

Unlock the Day by Looking Up

Unlock the day by looking Up. Employ Gratitude to open the door of projects not problems to handle. Wipe the windshield with Forgiveness and let in the Light.

Stay on the High road at each intersection and keep your hands on your own steering wheel. Pray. It is like stopping to ask Directions.

Read scripture, it is the Map you need.

Meditate. Relax and let Him take you for a ride.

Warriors of Light know lifted

Spirits make the day ! This begins understanding of reality being Spiritually controlled. Humility gives a clear view of the road ahead

Allow the Wheels of the Soul to Roll

Individually designed for each is the vehicle of Soul. It can be molded into a Rolls, Ferrari, Chevy pickup, or VW beetle, all choices are available. It can be detailed and serviced at the House of Worship and driving lessons are available. Viewed with the heart of child all options can be added and all destinations are possible.

Pray for vision to see Love that guides and protects.

Read scripture to find the road map. The Word will stimulate internal radar.

Meditate. This allows the mind to realize a Church is a garage not a police station.

Warriors of Light know Forgiveness is the grease that allows wheels to roll. Rolling in Joy for a cruise or a race, all choices are available.

When You Fail Ask Forgiveness

Do your best for Him and be kind to others. When you fail ask forgiveness from them and Him.

That is all you can do. The rest is up to Him. He is pleased and undue concern after that does not honor His place.

Pray and share with Him feelings suitable or unsuitable. He loves hearing prayers.

Read scripture, use it for encouragement and guidance.

Meditate on the Goodness in life.

Warriors of Light know that they win their battles by taking orders only from their Superior. They use Trust and Gratitude to dust away fear and doubts.

Forgiveness Takes Practice

Forgiveness takes practice. Embracing forgiveness, as a gift that can be learned, keeps you balanced even under attack. Remember He is the scorekeeper. Trusting Him, to redeem you and any losses suffered, invisibly blocks the punches.

Pray and discuss matters with the Guy in Charge.

Read scripture to remind yourself of His Power.

Meditate because you safely can and because it centers your Soul.

Warriors of Light move with purpose and energy. Their posture and pace sets them apart.

Their Faith is in Him not the encountered or fellow troop. Warriors trained in forgiveness are very hard to fire upon or injure.

Walk Away from Old Wounds

Take His hand and walk away from the old wounds. Drop the planning for defense or revenge and just breathe.

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.” This is a game changer and the deal we cannot refuse.

Pray. Let Him show us how to forgive.

Read scripture. See yourself in the pages.

Meditate. Rest and breathe. He is in charge.

Warriors of Light welcome Light.

They carry Light and darkness dissipates. Others follow the Light. It is a blessing to share.

Pray to See the Positive Side

“Problems are opportunities !” We are given the chance to behave well while enduring. This makes us part of the solution. Made easier by the employment of gratitude and Praise, be the encouraging narrator instead of the victim.

We have the choice !

Pray to see the positive side.

Read scripture and collect phrases to use as staffs and spears.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and slowly more than once.

Warriors of Light know the battle to be already won. The skirmishes we encounter, the enemies we face, the losses we suffer are our creations. Seeing our part softens the blows. Forgiveness is salve to the wounds.

Keep your Sails in the Wind

Thoughts have power ! Favor the positive.

Forgiveness has power to heal us. What corners of your heart hide critical thoughts ? Sweep them with forgiveness and find restoration.

Enjoy the life we have been given. Use your strength for healing.

Pray to keep your sails in the wind.

Read scripture to find your direction.

Meditate in confidence. Inhale deeply. Relax.

Warriors of Light welcome invitations for adventure . Take a chance and gain new understanding and new friends.