Inspired to Follow Through

Talent and potential is not uncommon. Inspiration and follow through is.  Exercise your judgement with action.

Pray upon awakening and through your day. He listens. He cares.

Read scripture. It holds clues to your purpose and direction.

Meditate. Inhale deeply and let your mind clear. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know that some days seem tough and dull. A smile and a good word can change drudgery into joyful purpose. Share the smiles !

Time is a Gift

You have gifts and talents. Just add follow through ! The stage and lights won’t display leadership, loyalty, courage, an eye for color and use of space, educational skills and a heart for helping. We all have talents and gifts ! Learn to recognize and hone the good things inside you !

Pray to prioritize your time. Time is a gift.

Read scripture it will give you the best Manager for your life.

Meditate before getting lost in the scramble of your day.

Warriors of Light watch their own talents increase as they persevere. They watch their own time increase when they honor God.