Practice to Improve

Bacteria living between the  teeth and gums produce acid which degrades enamel. Regular flossing disrupts this. No care, no teeth.

The fingers must repeat the path on the keyboard to know their way.  No practice,  no great concerts.

Pray to seek excellence.

Read scripture to learn it’s value and devotionals to find implementation.

Meditate on the result. See it. Gain it ! Direct the heart !

Warriors of Light prepare for battle. Helping others with their skirmishes builds momentum for righteous victory.

Taking the Right Road

“Rejection is protection.” If we are doing what we can to incorporate good principles into our life and to be of service then rejection is protection. Often it takes time to realize that the opportunity, job  or relationship that fit you best was down the road not where you were standing.

Pray to find direction.

Read scripture and devotionals to remind you which way is up .

Meditate on what is good in your life.

Don’t give up !

Each day is new and what you are trying to do or learn gets easier with practice. Warriors of Light know that gratitude will keep seeds of discouragement from taking root in the heart.


Perseverance allows us to build God’s qualities in our heart. Directed properly it establishes strength and fortitude.

Don’t give up on your dreams ! Follow your calling !

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture and devotionals. Keep your sails set in the right direction.

Meditate. Visualize success and peace.

Warriors of Light must accept the weight of their equipment. It must be shouldered evenly for the long haul. The itch to shake it off and travel unfettered, wisely develops into use of and reliance on the tools carried in the pack.