Cloaked with the Lessons of Life

Employ your Gratitude before arising ! Watch sunshine and love fill the morning. Add Joy to your toolbag as you start your day. Keep your focus in today with what you have. Be willing to face today just you and Our Father. Watch others see what you have and come calling!

Pray to remember who you are and the Majesty of His Power.

Read scripture. It renews your mind. Dip a bit deeper and let it reach your heart.

Meditate. Doesn’t seem important until you try it !

Warriors of Light know how to celebrate !  They party by knitting the sharp lessons of life into capes that glisten. They march cloaked in protection. When they visit they share the comfort of their cloaked past.

Interestingly there is never much clean up needed after the Warriors party.

Focus on the Solution

“Focus on the solution not the problem.”  Don’t glorify severity with dramatic descriptions. Focus on, picture the solution. Each time it hops into your thoughts, practice thinking about Grace and Mercy and Peace which are offered to you.

Forget why anyone claims these don’t belong to you.

Pray for your needs. “Ye have not because you ask not.”

Read the Word and learn the solutions. Embrace wisdom.

Meditate. Stop. Just breathe and listen.

Warriors of Light know the valuable blessings they defend. Their Praise and Gratitude deter evil and fear.