Peace That Passes Understanding

Good news !

Stress is good and anxiety is unnecessary !

Stress creates strength and resilience. It increases flexibility.

Anxiety is only possible when focusing on self. Look up and it is reduced. Speak up and turn it over to Management .

Pray. Voice your complaints, request help, offer Thanks and Praise.

Read scripture. It is not as old and dusty as it may have seemed.

Meditate for a few.

Warriors of Light know that to “Be anxious for nothing but by means of prayer and supplication make thy requests known…” will result in Peace which passes understanding.


Embracing Change

We like things a certain way !

Many of these ways are orderly. However, the second law of thermodynamics states that things move naturally from order to disorder.

Best alternative is to embrace change. Most of us are willing to do this only if we can hide our favorite chair from this reality.

Pray for willingness. Let go and become willing.

Read scripture and devotionals to add good flavor to your willingness.

Meditate. For most,  just doing this will be a change.

Warriors of Light rejoice in the opportunities to become more flexible. Their strength increases with flexibility.