He Keeps the World Spinning

A force fights in your brain, it provides a list of current worries, old failings and future disasters. It’s committee  will catch you awake in the night and provide updated fears. Refuse the delivery of this bad news and stand with Our Father. He is yours with a hand to hold no matter your upbringing, failings or unreturned calls.

Pray and watch His smiles touch your life.

Read scripture, taste and see that He loves us.

Meditate while He keeps the world spinning.

Warriors of Light know even the best made houses settle, perhaps cracking as the earth spins and winds blow. He offers us a firm foundation and guidelines. Guidelines reduce pain as we make our way, they do not reduce pleasure they insure it.

Buildings Which are Beautiful and Last Through Time

Buildings which are beautiful and last through time started on a Firm Foundation, were thoughtfully Designed and served a long lasting Purpose.

Pray to establish a Firm Foundation wherever you are standing.

Read scripture to plan the next wing and flight.

Meditate, take a few moments off from planning and fears.

Warriors of Light know most minds are junkyards of beliefs taken from family and experience. They stay in His Light, choose the serviceable parts, unleash the burdensome old pieces by honestly sharing and march to His tune while building the rest.

Look Up and Acknowledge

Let your heart melt with joy in this moment, see all of its treasures. A breath without pain is a privilege, a smile or a hug is a memory to be relished. Look up and acknowledge the Greater One, magnify what you have by sharing.

Pray to Our Father who treasures your prayers and offers you Life and Peace.

Read scripture to find truth, meaning and your place.

Meditate by breathing deeply.

Allow His Presence to be what you seek.

Warriors of Light value a firm foundation in a house and in faith. The Truth will stand and last and the truthful will last with it.

Build Our Homes on Solid Principles

We choose our lot in life. We begin to build our home near  and like others we admire. Oops, we find strong deep roots and wet areas. These must go! A firm foundation needs a hard level area.

Pray to establish our foundation in His Goodness.

.Read scripture to recognize sandy areas and reveal solid Principles.

Meditate and receive Guidance.

Warriors of Light know that Humility allows them to drain the wet areas instead of covering them. Honesty allows them to see the roots which need removal. Willingness is used to dig them out.

Maturity Allows Us to See the Big Picture

Maturity is marked by the ability to defer gratification. To give up the immediate sweetness and build a firm foundation for discovery of truth or intimacy.

How many times we fail to aim high, get the big picture, keep our distance and leave ourselves a way out.

Pray to weigh priorities.

Read scripture to gain perspective.

Meditate on the wealth already gained.

Warriors of Light sleep under careful watch. Only then do they let down their guard.