The Kingdom of God is at Hand, Between the Ears

Rational end goals serve best. If he has slammed the door each time he enters, you have mentioned displeasure but the slams continue, it is irrational to expect otherwise.

Our end goals must not include the behavior or feelings of others.

Pray to look for Love in all of the right places.

Read scripture and find the Kingdom of God is at hand, between the ears.

Meditate and find Peace.

 It is Only Pride that Keeps our Hands on the Reins

It is only pride that keeps our hands on the reins comparing our struggles to that of others. Seasons, feelings and circumstances change but He stays the same, waiting to be of help. He is always at hand and the solution to everything is to let Him carry the weight.

Pray and let your feelings be known.

Read scripture. The Humility of opening the pages opens the heart to the Good News.

Meditate. Relax and breathe deeply. From there one can often get the message as His Kingdom is within.

Warriors of Light share with fellow troops and with estranged travelers. Their missions spread the Joy available to all.

Listen to Include Others

Certain codes of behavior bring us certain results. Certain tones of voice arouse certain feelings in listeners. The use of “we” instead of “I “ includes others on your team.

Pray to include the right players on your team.

Read scripture and learn.

Meditate with deep breathing. Tune your spirit to The Spirit.

Warriors of Light use life as a “boot camp”. They practice the “ rules of engagement “ in their daily lives.

Be careful out there !

The Goal is to Develop Character

Feelings are seductive but not the goal. The goal is to develop character which will last through changes of feelings and circumstances.

The right actions create right thinking. Right feelings will follow.


Pray for humility.

Read scripture to dispel doubt and fear.

Meditate. Be still and breathe in gladness.

Warriors of Light use Praise and Thanksgiving to secure the position. They gird their loins with truth knowing the Commander has their best interests at heart.

He is With You

Feelings change and circumstances change. He never changes. He is love and truth and mercy. He is always there and He really cares for His children.

It may seem tragic and really difficult today but “All things work together for those who love God.”

Pray for acceptance of the situation today and hope for tomorrow.

Read scripture. Gain more understanding.

Meditate. Relax. Enjoy the privilege of being.

Warriors of Light recognize the signals. Sometimes movement of birds or the smell of bear. Sometimes the wind. They stand ready with the shield of faith, their loins girded with Truth.