Put in the Good and Watch the Good Come Out

Put in the good and watch the good come out. Paint with a good hand, good paints and a good heart and get a good picture. Choose the best, love your Creator and let Him make you the hero in your life.

Pray because it is the most honest conversation to be had.

Read scripture to feed your spirit properly.

Meditate on all your gifts and relish the present.

Warriors of Light know that sometimes they must pull back the curtain  for the best view. Willingness greases the curtain rod and His Light shines on the best features.

Making Chores a Joy is Our Option

Everything requires maintenance or storage, as moth and dust do corrupt, but making chores a joy is our option. Spiritually it is the same. Feed the Spirit with prayer, Praise and Gratitude and your hope and strength will be renewed.

Pray to offer Thanks and concerns to the best Father anyone ever had.

Read scripture that the real nature of things might be revealed to you.

Meditate, breathing deeply to relax while trusting Him to be in charge.

Warriors of Light do not stay sweet smelling on yesterday’s shower. They approach everyday turning to Him first even before arising. This lowers the percentage of poor decisions for their day.

Pray to Communicate

Plan on the unexpected and expect change. If there is nothing planned but time without interruptions the washing machine is sure to flood or the power will fail. Through all of this place focus on Him. Circumstances and relations will flow but His Love never wanes.

Pray to communicate with the Master of Peace and Life.

Read scripture to renew your mind and feed your Spirit.

Meditate on His Goodness through it all.

Warriors of Light know that all movement around us is to develop our Spirit and our relationship with Him. That priority properly placed allows all else to heal and grow as it should. Selah.

Meditate As You Would Sit and Enjoy the Garden

Like a garden, life will produce from seeds of Hope and Love. Devotion will increase production and Integrity will keep the weeds from gaining ground. Prayer offers moisture to support Life systems and resist the heat. Fellowship fertilizes the Goodness and receives the sounds of Joy.

Pray with words, actions and breath.

Read scripture to feed the Spirit within.

Meditate as you would sit and enjoy the garden.

Warriors of Light know that there is always a new flush of weeds, some from our own workings and some from the wind. When first emerging they appear small and harmless. Our garden must be kept clean to flourish.

Pray as if Sharing Tales with Your Best Friend

Educate the heart and the brain will follow. Feed upon  good and beauty,  watch people remark on the quality of your complexion. Give problems to the Master and get busy helping others. Take pleasure in your work, it is what you do.

Pray as if sharing tales with your best friend.

Read scripture as if it is a letter from an old friend.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and let the dust settle.

Warriors of Light know that time  seems to change speeds. Warriors take their eyes off the clock and look up with Trust. Actions motivated properly will arrive guided by unseen forces placed in front of unexpected opportunities. Even the weather, monies and the US Mail are subject to His Force.

Take Care of Yourself So You Can Help Others

Doing for others sometimes allows us to be lazy about doing for ourselves. And it looks so good on the outside ! We often fool ourselves.

“Put your own oxygen mask on first.” If you are not breathing you can’t help anyone else.

Keep your own house in order.

“Pray upon awakening.” Ask for guidance and direction.

Read scripture. Edify your spirit.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know that their spiritual side requires daily feeding. Today’s battles require today’s efforts.