Anger is Just Fear with Enthusiasm

Humility holds no anger. Anger is but fear with enthusiasm. Humilty is born in trust that Someone else is in charge. Humilty is attractive to Him and your brothers and sisters. Humilty is willing to accept what He gives while knowing that He will give you the best.

Pray. Talk to Him as if He is in the room and know He owns the room.

Read scripture and learn more about your wealth.

Meditate. Stop believing you are in charge and relax for a few.

Warriors of Light uses humility and Trust to build their reality with good thinking. They do not fear the unknown because it is all unknown. There is no known.

Is It Failure or Success We Fear Most?

We think we fear failure. The real fear may be success.

Join your Father’s team and allow the synergism of trust give you the ride of your life.

Pray. You have not when you ask not.

Read scripture. Discover that He is never too busy.

Meditate. This one is hard because you have to be still.

Warriors of Light know motives matter. They direct the result.

Trust Dispels the Power of Fear

There is no limit on the goodness that can be shared.  There is no loss in giving.  Receiving is an art that improves with practice. So practice.

Pray. See the advantage in your current position.

Read scripture. The willingness to revere wisdom lifts our eyes.

Meditate. Relax with purpose.

Warriors of Light know that trust sets the stage for opportunities.  Trust dispels the power of fear.

Surely We Need Not Fear Uncertainty

Fear not ! Keep your mind on the positives of where you are. No matter what the future holds you will be best prepared by relishing the opportunities at hand.

Enjoy the growth and lessons at your fingertips !

Pray for understanding and renewal of your strength .

Read scripture. Memorize parts and carry them into your future.

Meditate. Stop the doing and just breathe. See where you are.

Warriors of Light know that the future holds uncertainty. The surety of their glow makes steps through the dark more certain.

Step Out on the Service Path Before You

It is a new day ! See the good in today, now, the present ! It is wrapped up for you, filled with opportunity !

Don’t reach back for the problems or get into your troubled stance, watching for the next blow. Step out in service to the path before you .

Rejoice and be glad in it !

Pray and tell Him all about it.

Share your fears. Watch them fall into half.

Read scripture. Find your flavor.

Meditate. This means purposely relax with deep breathing.

Warriors of Light dance during chores. They dance during travels. Join in. Find it contagious. Spread the joy !

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Our thinking is all that can lead us to bondage or keep us there.

Got a bad pattern woven with lies ? Break it by your return to the present.

Afraid you don’t know something ? Be bold enough to ask aloud. Others need the answers too but they stay silent, fearing exposure.

Pray for answers. Watch ! They will come.

Read scripture, learn scripture. Prayers using His Word do not return void.

Meditate. In the middle of your mess, stop. Breathe deeply and gain new perspective.

Warriors of Light know fear as the unwillingness to experience pain. Reflecting on pains already endured, what’s to fear ?

Don’t worry, be happy !

Seeing Things with Amazement and Appreciation

There is a race, a course, set before us. We know much about surviving the adventure. Today, pull from your heart the awe of a child. See things with amazement and appreciation. See the sky paint her pictures. Watch the trees dance in the wind. Take the call from a friend, your playmate. Watch your heart flutter with new love. Almost everything seems worth sharing.

Pray. Tell Him too, your fears and suspicions. Watch them lift.

Read scripture. Put a verse or two in your pocket. It is your toolbox.

Meditate. Be still and know. What seems impossible is not.

Warriors of Light know nothing is impossible with Him at your side. “God could and would if He were sought.” It does not say found.

One eyelash of willingness becomes a key to let in the sunshine of The Spirit.

Take His Hand for the Adventure of the Day

The “angst” is all in our mind ! The restlessness and fear is in our heads. Taking His hand for the adventure of the day brings joy.

It does not eliminate the negatives from our minds it disarms them. It keeps them under wraps and allows us to cherish the moment.

Pray. Talk to someone who cares about you. Someone you can trust.

Read scripture. See that most of the heroes were ordinary folk who employed some trust.

Meditate. Be still in the middle of it all. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. The effort will be blessed.

Warriors of Light use perspective as a guide. They use gratitude and Praise as cleats to put a stable spring into their steps.

Fear and Trust

Sensitive? Think  THEY should understand and tip toe through ? Let’s rethink our sensitivities and expose them as self centered fear !

Let’s put the salve of trust into action.  Speak confidence into our lives. Let the Sunlight of the Spirit heal our wounds.

Pray for guidance and discernment to recognize unhealthy fear.

Read and learn about the Shield of Faith and the sword of truth.

Meditate. Think on the good things.

Warriors of Light have to practice spiritual warfare.

Their smile proves to their brothers that the battle can be won. Their smile offers help because ” If one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand..”.

Staying Brave

“Be not afraid.” The worst we imagined never happened.” Most fear is self centered. Even shyness, which seems purely humble is self centered fear. Refuse to participate. Save your energy for being grateful !

Enjoy your life !

Pray to stay brave.

Read scripture and devotionals for inspiration.

Meditate on the peace always available to us.

Warriors of Light are so busy sharing and giving that they don’t have time to worry.