Discover and Remember Who You Are

Replace fear with declaration of authority as a child of The King !  He did not make you to tremble and cry but to rejoice, Praise and help others.

Pray to discover and remember who you are.

Read scripture to remind yourself who is your real Father.

Meditate as if being cradled and rocked.

Warriors of Light know they must deal with the built-in forgetters by engaging in daily prayer and meditation. Reaching for The Father’s Hand before arising insures a better stance.

Weed out the Embedded Jealousies, Fears, and Doubts

Design the inside more beautifully than the outside. Dig into your heart and weed out the embedded jealousies, fears, and doubts. Don’t fondle them but lift them up to Him. He can handle them for you. Relax in knowing you were personally shaped for good.

Pray because it is your privilege as His child.

Read scripture and find the part that belongs to your day.

Meditate on the good, feel safe in His shadow.

Warriors of Light know they must give up to receive, surrender to win and share to keep. Life is good and our smiles show best when our minds are with our hands helping others.

Turn to Him

Fear can attack our minds with a misplaced file, a missing  pocketbook, the health of a loved one or what we thought someone meant to say. Fear steals our peace and is in fact our mind attacking itself. Turn to Him when this happens and know that He loves your dependence on Him.

Pray freely on any subject and watch yourself change.

Read scripture to remind you of His Truth.

Meditate and and relax in the only real security.

Warriors of Light rejoice with Him knowing He will provide and through His Power the lost can be found and the broken can be healed. They please Him with Praise and Gratitude loosening the gates for more blessings

Your Father who Loves you like a Daddy

Happiness, success and Joy lie not in what happens but how we choose to react. Attitude or our angle of approach make all of the difference. Choose to embrace His Love and purposes, this is a loss free stance, this is the best option.

Pray to your Father who Loves you like a Daddy.

Read scripture and learn that you do not have to receive fear delivered in any size package.

Meditate. Relax and fearlessly enjoy the breath of the moment at hand.

Warriors of Light know that it is almost too simple to believe, His Love is available to all, for free. Repeat, for free, available 24/7. Seeking Him and His Love improves anything that happens. Continued, it keeps us on the beam.

Let Love Clean the Lenses of Our Mind

Time and talent belong in expression not in hiding. Only fear can block the Spirit from shining in these areas. Love can block fear. Use Love, express Love, give Love, give more Love and watch. Life will be fearlessly filled with guess what ? Wait for it …Love.

Pray and talk to Our Father. Express your Love, feel the warmth of His Love.

Read scripture, look closely at the Love stories.

Meditate, a quiet method of soaking in the Love.

Warriors of Light know fear is a disease of perception. The cure is but an eyelash of willingness to let Love clean the lenses of our mind. Get up and help someone else. Look for the need, see it and act. If only but to open a jar for a weaker person, the action will open the heart allowing a crack of willingness to let in Love and wipe a smile on our heart.

Trust is the Game Changer

Fear is the only block stopping any growth or success. Fear is only unwillingness to experience possible pain. Fear can walk hand in hand with Faith but Faith moves the feet.

Trust is the game changer. Take His hand and walk through the fear. The change will be noticeable.

Pray to see the changing trends, He can see further than you.

Read scripture to see patterns which continue today.

Meditate. Inhale deeply and just listen.

Warriors of Light use Humility to build habits of Thanksgiving and Praise. These habits cut through fear and hurt feelings leading to right actions. Right actions lead to right thinking.

Anger is Just Fear with Enthusiasm

Humility holds no anger. Anger is but fear with enthusiasm. Humilty is born in trust that Someone else is in charge. Humilty is attractive to Him and your brothers and sisters. Humilty is willing to accept what He gives while knowing that He will give you the best.

Pray. Talk to Him as if He is in the room and know He owns the room.

Read scripture and learn more about your wealth.

Meditate. Stop believing you are in charge and relax for a few.

Warriors of Light uses humility and Trust to build their reality with good thinking. They do not fear the unknown because it is all unknown. There is no known.

Is It Failure or Success We Fear Most?

We think we fear failure. The real fear may be success.

Join your Father’s team and allow the synergism of trust give you the ride of your life.

Pray. You have not when you ask not.

Read scripture. Discover that He is never too busy.

Meditate. This one is hard because you have to be still.

Warriors of Light know motives matter. They direct the result.

Trust Dispels the Power of Fear

There is no limit on the goodness that can be shared.  There is no loss in giving.  Receiving is an art that improves with practice. So practice.

Pray. See the advantage in your current position.

Read scripture. The willingness to revere wisdom lifts our eyes.

Meditate. Relax with purpose.

Warriors of Light know that trust sets the stage for opportunities.  Trust dispels the power of fear.

Surely We Need Not Fear Uncertainty

Fear not ! Keep your mind on the positives of where you are. No matter what the future holds you will be best prepared by relishing the opportunities at hand.

Enjoy the growth and lessons at your fingertips !

Pray for understanding and renewal of your strength .

Read scripture. Memorize parts and carry them into your future.

Meditate. Stop the doing and just breathe. See where you are.

Warriors of Light know that the future holds uncertainty. The surety of their glow makes steps through the dark more certain.