Faith can Move Mountains

Know your truth and stand in the Light. Let them rise or fall with excitement or depression, hold His hand and stand your ground.

You are never alone in His Light.

Pray and see things change.

Read scripture and learn that Faith can move mountains.

Meditate and relax as He guards the fort.

Warriors of Light learn to be still.

Trained for movement, it is hard to be still. Mole hills do not become mountains unless someone adds dirt. Stand in His shadow and be still.

Faith is Stronger Than A Swift Moving River

Faith is stronger than a swift moving river. We will be moved safely along in a powerful way unless we grab on to one particular person or position and resist the flow. He moves the river and He knows our needs.

Pray, it is like putting on a life jacket which belongs to you. It keeps you above the surface where one can speak to Him quietly.

Read scripture. It describes the navigating rules, buoy signals, marine etiquette, and threatening creatures. It’s safety instructions should be kept handy at all times.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax. Feel the flow and warmth of His care.

Warriors of Light are trained to sense changes in  currents. They know looking up puts them back on the beam. They love the Joy of helping others and recognize the dangers of fight in a drowning brother. Holding tightly to anything but The Master can cause injury.

The Journey to the Far Corners of Our Heart

Columbus had a real adventure discovering our marvelous land when he challenged the belief that the world was flat. His Faith took him across the world.

There is an adventure for each of us when we let Faith take us on its journey.

Pray to see that you are not the center of the universe.

Read scripture which contains instructions for finding the True Center.

Warriors of Light find humor and Direction as they move in Faith. The comradery found and the character built in a journey to the unknown is amazing. More amazing is that the journey may be to far corners of our heart that no one believed existed .

Belief and Faith Are to be Reached For

Faith is a choice to believe. Believe means to accept as true. Acceptance is a choice. Belief and Faith are not issued out or given as certificates, they are reached for !

Pray and discuss these issues with Management. It gives Him joy to listen and to deliver.

Read scripture.  It is so important that it was copied by hand. Old manuscripts reveal that its wording has remained.

Meditate. This means stop the doing and breathe deeply with your eyes closed. You will be amazed by the vision gained.

Warriors of Light choose to Believe and they march in the Light. Their step, the glow in their eyes is distinguishable. When one takes a tumble or feels a pain he calls up and he calls other troops. Together their cries are heard. Relief is always available, belief allows its entrance.

Good Principles Will Stand by You

Stand by your good principles and they will stand by you.  Like a big walking stick they steady your march. They can be used to test the firmness of the new path laid before you. They will be seen in your stance and will discourage predators.

Pray. Share your trials and your opportunities, your joy.

Read scripture. Faith comes by hearing the Word.

Meditate. Not always easy but always fruitful.

Warriors of Light march in formation. They are protected by their countenance. They shout in unison ;

“Don’t let anyone steal your joy !”


See Things Differently

Each one of us sees differently. Be part of the opportunity not the problem. Set feelings aside, act on principles of honesty, courage and faith. These are used for free. They are effective,more effective than feelings put into words.

Pray. He will take give help and direction.

Read scripture to find your rewards.

Meditate. They time you take to breathe and be holds it’s own reward.

Warriors of Light know that displaying the correct attitude during the problem adds to the lessons and rewards offered.

Deep Breaths and Prayers Bring New Light

Let the positives soak into your life ! Positives wait in every moment, every event,  even amongst the pain.

Victory lies not in blind obedience but in letting Him rule your heart.

Pray and let go.

Read scripture.  Substantiate your faith.

Meditate. Deep breaths or repeated lil prayers put a new Light on the situation.

Warriors of Light know that an odd noise or a stopped sled holds an opportunity to accept help and form new relationships.

Mind and Mine the Situation

With the right angle of approach even our past improves.

We can use treatment as youngsters to justify attitudes and behaviors today.  Or we can renew our minds through faith creating  new attitudes and behavior.  With perspective, life improves.  We end up with a better childhood !

Pray for understanding. Pray to become part of the solution not the problem.

Read scripture . It is the latest news.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Relax inside. Accept the joy afforded you.

Warriors of Light are like prospectors. They examine the topography, look for the veins of truth and deposits of knowledge.

Then they mind and mine the situation.

Weaving the Fabric of Life

Embrace the day with joy !

Use the principles of tolerance and acceptance to buffer your interactions. Use the principles of courage and faith to move you forward. Use the principles of honesty and humility to stay your direction.

Pray all through the day. Talk to Him like He is with you. He is.

Read scripture. Try Proverbs for postings of truth to guide you.

Warriors of Light weave good decisions into the curtains of their life. This keeps much undesirable drama from their staging area.

The Other Shoe Is Already on the Floor

Decisions based on feelings  are not always wise. The consequences may be immediate or may show themselves slowly. Decisions based on principles of honesty, faith, courage, trust, loyalty and service to God leave one unworried about when the other shoe will drop. All the shoes are already on the floor !

Pray before making unwise decisions. Enjoy peace of mind, Read scripture to find answers if confused.

Meditate. Feel the peace that envelops a wise path.

Warriors of Light use discipline to keep emotions from leading down the wrong path. Trust insures their footing.