The Battle is Already Won, Embrace the Victory

Alone, nothing great is ever accomplished without the risk of heartbreak and failure. With His direction, great adventures come with Love and gifts of spiritual growth. It is a greater privilege to serve than to be served.

Pray to use your life force in a kind and helpful way.

Read scripture and feed your soul.

Meditate and digest your learning and yearning.

Warriors of Light know they cannot lose under His command.

The battle theater is large, the enemies are unusual and often personal. The lessons are deep the prizes are great and The Battle is already won. The task is to embrace the Victory with Grace. Shalom.

Is It Failure or Success We Fear Most?

We think we fear failure. The real fear may be success.

Join your Father’s team and allow the synergism of trust give you the ride of your life.

Pray. You have not when you ask not.

Read scripture. Discover that He is never too busy.

Meditate. This one is hard because you have to be still.

Warriors of Light know motives matter. They direct the result.