Trust as if Joining a Friend for a Saturday Adventure

Trust as if joining a friend for a Saturday adventure. Dress for the hike and the swim, be willing to park the car, get out and march through the woods. Experience the sweat, mosquitoes, an occasional briar but feel the cool of the shade and hear the water in the distance. See the path turn along the river, delight in the shoals and the falls the smiles and the fun.

Pray, employing Trust once again that He will lead you to the swimming hole.

Read scripture and be willing to follow His trail.

Meditate and relax your soul in His arms.

Warriors of Light know their work is on the inside, becoming willing to accept His gifts graciously. Impossible to control another’s feelings, they concentrate on their own good behavior. This will bring right thinking followed by good feelings.

People are Jewel Boxes

“The value of a relationship with someone is best decided by our own personal experience.”

We hear this or that about Uncle Ix and we treat him as if it were true. Years later we find out he is a very nice guy that we missed getting to know.

We hear this or that about people in the news.  Bad news gets higher ratings.

Pray to get the real news for life.

Read scripture and discover the endless tools for purpose and joy in life.

Meditate. Slow it down. Silence the committee. Just be still. Just be.

Warriors of Light stop in their rush and visit. They find that people are jewel boxes. If treated kindly the best facets will catch the light. What a joy to see and share the best in others.


The Way Out is Up

The winds and our own wiles may blow us north or south. We may go with love or logic or lust. Without purpose we are drawn east or west. We may go far or just a bit from the proper path. Which ever way we err or how deep we are in, the way out is still up.  Up is reachable from any direction at any time. If sinking, we but let go of our burdens and up we will float.

Pray and breathe in the taste of home.

Read scripture and devotionals. Find the truth for which we hunger.

Meditate. Realize the perspective is better from an elevated position.

Warriors of Light are stationed on the move. Their steps and their missteps offer lessons.

“The prudent man learns from his experience. The wise man learns from the experience of others.”