Welcome the Day with a Smile

Welcome the day with a smile, accepting what is given with Gratitude. Expectations colored with “should” and “could” are cloudy. Look up to add His Light and see.

Pray by conversing with your biggest fan and Most Influential Friend.

Read scripture to see the guidelines and boundaries.

Meditate and breathe deeply in His Mercy.

Warriors of Light know clear contracts afford clear relationships, clear expectations and clear terms of completion. Our Father offers us a contractual covenant offering Life and Peace.

You Will Know a Spirit by it’s Fruits

What you see is what you get, base your expectations on what people do, not what they say. You will know a spirit by it’s fruits.

Pray and know that your spiritual work is demonstrated in your life.

Read scripture to gain understanding of spiritual laws.

Meditate and practice trust by relaxing in His truth.

Warriors of Light know that their knowledge of His Power is demonstrated in their health and wealth, see their relationships flourishing as well.

Clean the Lens

An expectation formulated and deemed unfulfilled can create a resentment before anyone has a chance to read our unwritten memo about the immediate and unrealistic anticipations. Oh they should have called, they did not, it is assumed they care less than desired. Oh my!

Pray to keep expectations low and acceptance high.

Read scripture to clean the lens of your mind. Most leaves are green, complaining that they are not blue is futile.

Meditate. Relax and be grateful. He has arranged things for our benefit.

Warriors of Light are mindful to stay on the beam. He is the Director and He manages casting, the story is for learning and demonstrated growth. Even pain is beneficial as it stimulates  change.

Let Him Drive

Clear the windshield of your expectations and watch as the landscape changes. Roll down the windows for a change and feel the air of acceptance. Fill the tank with enthusiasm because the ride was designed for you.

Pray. This offers the best steerage.

Read scripture and find instructions on proper vehicle maintenance.

Meditate. Let Him drive for a few and remember you are riding in your Daddy’s arms.

Warriors of Light know to lubricate with the salve of Forgiveness and polish with Humility. This gives a smooth ride and you can see them coming. Their smiles Light the way.

Smile and the World Smiles with You!

No matter where you are or what the difficulty, the answer is always the same, just look up ! Love is waiting to enfold you hindered only by expectations of what that should feel like.

Start change with but one small step of kindness and begin swimming in a river of kind people.

Pray because you are speaking to the One in charge. Prayer is like aspirin, it works whether you believe or not.

Read scripture and find out that the old ones knew all the intricacies of our personal issues.

Meditate by breathing deeply. Look inside and See the answers.

Warriors of Light know that time is no hindrance to His purposes or our prayers. Our lives are made not by what happens but by our responses. Smile and the world smiles with you !

When it is Heavy Offer it Up

When it is heavy offer it up. When it is worrisome offer it up.

He waits for the mind to release its grasp before He can use Trust to grease the wheel that seems unturnable. He wants the best for us and is willing to assist us in gaining it.

Pray for your needs and to give Thanks.

Read scripture. Find great clues on how to enjoy being human.

Meditate daily or as often as you would like your peace restored .

Warriors of Light know that they must copy others  on the memo with the list of expectations for anyone to understand.  Warriors lower expectations and increase acceptance daily, or as often as they wish their peace restored.

Hope, Expectation and Joy

Hope, expectation and joy are not limited. They are forces with great power. They are not limited to Eve’s and births. Practice them today but carry them through life.

Pray for others. They need it and it will keep you happy.

Read scripture. Discover the sources of hope and joy.

Meditate. At least close your eyes for a few and inhale deeply.

Warriors of Light brighten the situation with their smile. It is contagious. “Keep your mind where your hands are and enjoy the day.”