Find Best Results When You Have no Time

Exercise changes the chemistry of the blood, meditation changes the chemistry of the brain, humility changes the chemistry of the heart offering us the opportunity to be healthy, serene and forgiving.

Pray for proper perspective.

Read scripture and knit His Word in your day.

Meditate and find best results when you have no time.

Warriors of Light start their day with a search for Him. His Mercy is everlasting.  He knows every whisker on your face and every step you are about to take. Turning to Him first will gain His Light illuminating situations and allowing better decisions.

Just Look Up

Just look up ! Pull your mind away from the problem. Once up, let the weight of the situation down with a turn toward the better. Take each next step in the right direction. Even the smallest step will make a difference.

Pray for guidance.

Read scripture and learn how to see the Path.

Follow only one Navigator.

Meditate. Stop the movement and just breathe.

Warriors of Light know practicing Trust in the smallest things will build confidence. Spiritual muscles gain tone and definition with exercise.

Feed the Good Guy in Your Head

Pick the good guy in your head to feed. He likes happy music, nutritious food, exercise, following through with commitments and love for others. He enjoys being bathed and well rested each day.  He talks to The Designer about his issues with the plan.

Pray. Stay in touch.

Read scripture. See that the affairs of the heart really haven’t changed over time.

Meditate. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly. Repeat and relax.

Warriors of Light know “In quietness and trust is your strength.”

The Next Right Thing

Follow through ! A good golf swing, an exercise program, career goals, building relationships all require follow through. Distractions come along. Priorities must be weighed.  Confused ?

Trust Him.

Move forward.

Just do the next right thing.

Pray and receive inspiration and direction.

Read His Word. Let Him speak to your heart.

Meditate. Be still and relax. Listen.

Warriors of Light know there is a plan. For victory they must deploy, then employ their spiritual weapons.

Being Thankful Today

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life ! Enjoy it !

Put on a new hat if only with a new attitude ! Try some new food. Do a new exercise. Life is a privilege. See the adventure !

Pray. Be thankful and express it.

Read scripture and discover your purpose and strengths.

Meditate. This is time used wisely. Use it wisely.

Warriors of Light discover that waiting  is an adventure of guiding the imagination.

Anxiety is an adventure in acceptance.

Listen to the Voices

Take good care of yourself ! You can’t be of help to others until you take care of yourself. Listen to the voices saying exercise, eat this not that, be kind to others. All kinds of trouble can just be avoided.

Pray and give Thanks for good instruction.

Read scripture and remind yourself of truth.

Meditate. Rest your mind if only for a minute or two. It will make the rest of your chores easier.

Warriors of Light develop habits of good care. They nip their problems in the bud. They help other troops by example and kind illustration.