Cutting Through the Darkness

Be the best you can be.  At work, at home and between. Appreciate excellence in effort and results. Be mannerly and kind to all.

Befuddled ? Look up! He is  “ a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.”

Pray for direction, with Praise and Thanksgiving.

Read scripture. Learn the power of Praise and Thanksgiving.

Meditate. Stop moving and breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light know the actions of Gratitude and Praise cut through the darkness affording them the reality of love and success.

The Best You Can Be

“Strive for excellence and you will meet the excellent.”

Cherish the struggle to be the best you can be.

Discover,  everyone has a struggle.  Find comradery in recognizing the progress in another.

The world is full of good souls willing to share truth and give a boost.

Pray. Talk to and honor The Creator.

Read unfamiliar scripture. Let its meaning rest inside your heart.

Meditate. Put it off no longer. Give it a try.

Warriors of Light carry the Truth in their step. The cadence of their march sings victory. Practiced moves make all enemies seem defeatable.


Watch As Things Work Themselves Out

“To every thing there is a season.”

It is all good if you see it from the right angle !  Can see it that way ? Get off the stage and into the audience. Keep quiet and watch .

Amazing numbers of things will work themselves out when we stay out of it. If not, enjoy the drama and the humor !

Pray to “Mind our own business and have some business to mind.”

Read scripture. It never changes.

Meditate on the Word and let it edify you. Watch you become the best you !

Warriors of Light enjoy excellence in themselves and in others. Their fortified soul allows them to appreciate the best. This attracts the best into their life !

Practice to Improve

Bacteria living between the  teeth and gums produce acid which degrades enamel. Regular flossing disrupts this. No care, no teeth.

The fingers must repeat the path on the keyboard to know their way.  No practice,  no great concerts.

Pray to seek excellence.

Read scripture to learn it’s value and devotionals to find implementation.

Meditate on the result. See it. Gain it ! Direct the heart !

Warriors of Light prepare for battle. Helping others with their skirmishes builds momentum for righteous victory.