Be the Sweetener in Someone’s Day!

Be the sweetener in someone’s day ! Let your presence tell them that they are appreciated. Offer help by being easy to deal with or by anticipating their need. Take the time to sincerely verbalize something good about them. Let your smile show enthusiasm which actually means be filled with the Divine Spirit.

Pray. Prayer works unless you insist on telling Him how he should do His business.

Read scripture and learn more about your opportunities.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and know you are safe.

Warriors of Light know we are all in the same boat needing company, support, and hope for the future. Warriors display their Trust in the Commander by sharing their smiles or the box of doughnuts.

You are Designed to Love and Solve Problems

Be open to the opportunities provided.  You are designed to love and solve problems. Your smile can take the sting out of another’s day. Your example of enthusiasm “under fire “ may inspire our future leaders.

Pray for guidance and Peace.

Read scripture and find clues to your puzzles.

Meditate. Breathe in deeply. Relax under His wing.

Warriors of Light know there is a plan. Their Gratitude opens the doors for more.

Stay on the Path

“ Aim high, look at the big picture, keep your eyes moving, don’t follow too closely and leave yourself a way out.” Smith’s safety rules for driving a big load or a way of life ?

Stay on the path ! Pick a direction and stay on the path !

Pray to find enthusiasum and healing.

Read scripture to put a little zest in your life.

Meditate to gain and realize peace.

Warriors of Light love honesty. It gives them sure footing and allows them to trust the signals.