Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Embrace the privilege of knowing the rest of the children ! Each is a treasure box of gifts, silly fears and funny movements.  Each has a lesson of good example or relief that their path is not in the next step.

Pray to enjoy the present and the company present.

Read scripture to stay on the beam !

Meditate and relax in your own skin.

Warriors of Light know that birds of a feather flock together. They improve their own skills by hanging with those who prefer Light. If it must be done in secret it is probably best not done.

Enjoy, Embrace and Honor

Enjoy and embrace the rituals which give honor to living together, working together and praying together.

The rewards of moving in a known direction are great. They are also made easier by the paths of those who passed before us.

Pray. We can always have a heart to heart, personal discussion with the Director. What a privilege !

Read scripture. Verify the basis and motivation for behaviors.

Meditate.  Relax with deep breaths. Relax.

Warriors of Light illuminate the joy of proper training. They know how to march together. Their cadence seems almost gleeful. They never seem interrupted by slowing or stopping to help the novice or the weak.

Weaving the Fabric of Life

Embrace the day with joy !

Use the principles of tolerance and acceptance to buffer your interactions. Use the principles of courage and faith to move you forward. Use the principles of honesty and humility to stay your direction.

Pray all through the day. Talk to Him like He is with you. He is.

Read scripture. Try Proverbs for postings of truth to guide you.

Warriors of Light weave good decisions into the curtains of their life. This keeps much undesirable drama from their staging area.