Keep Your Head on Straight Looking Upward

Everyone has the same puzzle, to choose a good angle of approach for each situation. It is not what happens to you that matters, it is how you use the opportunities that appear. You cannot be a victim without knowing how to do so and you cannot get kicked in the bottom without getting in position.

Pray to keep your head on straight looking upward, reaching for His hand.

Read scripture daily. Feed your spirit as routinely as your belly.

Meditate and relax. Let your mind clear and the ego be silenced.

Warriors of Light battle only at His Direction. The victory is assured with discipline employed. Remember not to take everything personally, when doing your best for Him others opinions are kindly rested without argument

Searching for the Way Home

Starting in unison with our mothers or the spiritual universe we become separated, broken parts, searching for the way home. We build our egos and individuality to survive our journey. This becomes the block to our return.

Pray to let go and let Him see us Home.

Read scripture to unlock the homing signal in our hearts.

Meditate. Feel the rhythm of belonging in your deep breathing.

Warriors of Light glow because they have moved some large pieces which  blocked the mirror of His Love. Reflected, His Love repairs broken parts, broken hearts and illuminates the Way Home.