Using Gratitude as an Attitude

Stay on the right path and the  family you lack will appear.

Isaiah 54:1 says the woman who never bore children will rejoice and have more children than those who bore them.

Pray to The Father and open your heart.

Read scripture and educate your heart.

Meditate on the love in your life.

Warriors of Light use Gratitude as an attitude. It is so attractive. They are welcomed by families of many descriptions.

The Future Cannot be Predicted

The future cannot be predicted. All we can do is increase our odds of making right decisions by setting the right priorities. Also by educating our hearts.

Pray to appreciate the gifts already possessed.

Read scripture. Let its teachings shape your soul .

Meditate. Relax in trust.

Warriors of Light fight inner battles, need petting and encouragement as much as the rest of us. They look to the Commander. He steadies them under His Shadow. He renews their strength.

Watch and Listen for Insight and Direction

Look around. You are exactly where you need to be to learn what you need to learn. When finished, you will move forward.

Be willing. Let your soul be touched and your heart educated.

Pray for insight and direction. Then watch and listen.

Read scripture. Sometimes it speaks to you.

Meditate as a part of your day. Think yourself too busy ? Think yourself otherwise.

Warriors of Light look high to get the big picture. They value the weight of their load.