Who You Are

“Who you are is where you were when.” Children of different eras and geographies have different priorities imprinted by age five. It lasts.  It affords groupings of work ethic, religion, respect for authority, clothing and table manners. It is easiest to mingle with those we understand.

Pray for mercy and understanding.

Read scripture and use devotionals to educate the heart.

Meditate. Enjoy the spin going past you through the day. Retreat to this spot whenever stressed.

Warriors of Light know that their accomplishments and wealth do not aptly describe them. It is their soul that defines their position. All are of great value.

Looking for a spiritual experience ? Breathe. We are spirits enveloped by the human experience. Enjoy !

Building character in our souls is the mission. Expansion of hearts, increased depth of our compassion, these are the markers of our success.

Pray for good direction.

Read scripture like a map and devotionals like the legend.

Meditate. Breathe more slowly and seriously consider the moment.

Warriors of Light know. You can see the sparkle in their eye.